Why the company was started ?

Mend My iPhone was started to repair iPhones, iPad and Macbooks wherever possible in the home and workplace to help with people's busy schedules and lives. We take the pain out of finding somewhere locally by coming to you. 

We also knew a lot of places used maybe cheap and untested parts and often with a supply chain that is less than perfect. So we only buy from Uk suppliers that are proud to offer us a 12 month guarantee on their parts, which are for the most part OEM. We do offer copy parts but that is on screen only and so that a customer has a cost based choice.

As we've said we offer a no-quibble 12 month warranty on all parts (which includes our labour costs); But we also come to you at a time and place wherever possible to suit you - home, workplaces, farms, building sites, coffee shops. We've repaired all over the place.

So if you want a repair by a trusted company (check out our Yell.com reviews and our facebook pages for those) call us today on 0330 999 2949

Picture of James Thompson
Founder and Chief Repair Technician

James Thompson

Spent my entire life taking things apart to repair, make do and to help others. It's ended up as my career because I have a need to make things work. To take things apart and put them back together. I still get such a buzz when you turn up the power and the device lights up. And even more when all the things it's supposed to do work. Love music. don't do anything without it playing

Picture of New Guy - Mitch
Repair Guy - Trainee

New Guy - Mitch

Mitch is the new Guy on the block. Keen Techie and Gamer with a keen passion to take things apart (commonly cars !) he's joined us to help make sure customer get seen to same day wherever possible.

Picture of The Bat Mobile
Chief Repair Man

The Bat Mobile

This BMW workhorse, our mobile advertising hoarding has now done over 207,000 miles helping customers all over Yorkshire. I think soon it'll pass away. There are only so many bandages that'll hold a car that does a 1000 miles a week together. We think it maybe replaced after it leaves this mortal coil by a Citroen 1 thing. Or so Mitch says...