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If you are in London our friends there will help you

We’re excited to announce a partnership with our friends Repairly, who are based down in London and like us you can stay put where you are and they come to you. All you have to do is input the postcode of where you are and they sort everything else for you.!

This is the wonderful way they describe themselves…

We make it ridiculously simple to have your Device repaired, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Samsung. Really, it’s ridiculous. It’s almost too easy. I’m writing this and I almost want to apologise for how easy it is. Sorry. Sorry from me. Sorry from us as a team. Repairly is THE quickest and most delightful way to get your Device sorted, and we’re afraid to say it’s only getting better.

We currently offer services for iPhone repair, Samsung repair and iPad repair but you’ll see us adding new types of repairs, Devices and locations soon. You can order your repair online, then a Repairly Representative will micro-scooter to your location. They will pick your Device up (with white gloves?!) and return it, fixed, within two hours.

If you’re in the London  area, and need an repair, then check them out!


We Buy Broken Screens

We Buy your cracked LCD screens for iPhone 4,4S,5,5C,5S,6,6Plus.

YES !! We buy broken screens

We buy any quantity.

If you have an old screen, maybe you’ve done your own repairs, maybe you repair phones in your spare time or are a repair shop who needs to be a little greener and recycle the old screens. Either way we will buy them from you providing you meet the following two conditions.

There are two conditions that have to be met:

  • Screens must be original (Apple).
  • LCD must be without dead pixels or other artifacts. Samsung and iPhone 5/5s/5c screens also have to have working touch screen.


We pay 80p for all working copy screens for any phone.




Step 1. Pack Your Screen

We advice you to wrap your broken, faulty iPhone or Samsung LCD Screen(s) well ( we recommend you use bubble wrap) and pack it in a box. Every pair of screens should be packaged face to face in order to save space and protect the digitizers.

Step 2. Send it to Mend My iPhone, 20 Tamworth Road, York, YO30 5GJ

When sending the screens, make sure they are well packaged and protected, and ensure that you include your details with the screens (name, contact number and email). Once your parcel arrives (which usually takes about 1-2 days), we’ll be sure to let you know. If you have bigger quantity of screens (more than 10), we recommend Royal Mail Recorder Delivery with tracking number as a method of shipping.

Step 3. We will test it

Once your screen arrives our team will test and inspect it, to make sure you will get the correct payment. This step can take up to 1-2 days (depends of the quantity).

Step 4. Get Paid

This is the easy part. Once the test is done, the only thing left for us to do is the payment, which will be made same day.

 If you have any further questions, please contact us on 07934 062949 or email us at info@mendmyiphone.co.uk

original v copy screens
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Apple logo on flex


The Difference Between Original Apple Screens and Copy Screens Available As An After-market Product

There are many ways to differentiate between original Apple screens and copy screens available as an aftermarket product. Most identification methods are old-fashioned, and most manufacturers of the fake iPhone screens are working around the clock to come up with new methods to mask down the visual inspection methods. Nonetheless, you can still identify a fake iPhone screen with a few simple techniques that cover about 98 percent of the product. Though I use the word fake, they are high quality copies attempting to replicate the original high quality of Apple’s engineering  

The following are some of the easiest to notice differences between original Apple screens and copy screens:

The Apple Logo
This is the easiest way to differentiate between original iPhone screens from copy screens. Original Apple LCD screens have an Apple logo present on the screen flex and on the digitizer’s flex cables. Most copy screen manufacturers find it hard to put the Apple logo on the screen flex as well as the digitizer flex cables. You should, therefore, be keen when going for screen repair york to identify the logo. If it is present, then the screen is original.

Apple Logo on FlexCable Flexibility
To identify original Apple screens from copy screens available on the market, you need to check the flexibility of the flex cables. The manufacturers of original Apple screens produce softer and more flexible flex cables. This is aimed at ensuring that the cables do not break during installation. The cost of production of the softer flex cables is much higher as compared to the cost of production of standard flex cables.

Hydrophobic Gorilla Glass
Original iPhone screens’ glass lens is made of high-quality gorilla glass which is hydrophobic and cannot be used on fake screens. The screen is water resistant, and there is no way water or any liquid residue can stick to the surface. Additionally, this feature makes the screen anti-fingerprint and anti-dust.

Flex Cable IC Chip
On original iPhone screens, there is a chip on the flex cable that controls power and displays information from the main board to the LCD screen. The IC chip has an upside-down triangle, and this makes it original. If the upside-down triangle is missing on the IC chip, then know that the screen is a copy screen.


The Frame
All original iPhone screens have a smoother, shinier and even frame. The best way to differentiate between an original and a copy screen is to touch and feel the parts. Poor quality screens are hurriedly manufactured, and you will find that the frame is not even and that the brackets are not smooth.

QR Code
QR codes are usually printed on the back of original Apple screens and cannot be wiped off easily. But on copy screens, you can easily wipe the code off using a little bit of alcohol.

We have recently begun using copy screen from a trusted supplier who deals directly with the manufacturers. These copies are extremely good and so far have a really low fail rate. Like 1 in 50 screens which is extremely low as a percentage. As a result we have been using them for customers that want a lower cost solution. Maybe if the phone is to be returned too an insurance company, re-sold, used as a spare. We offer a 6 month warranty on them as we are confident in their quality. In face the proof in the quality is that we have even started using them

iphone battery icon

Tips On How To Preserve Your iPhone Battery Life

The most vital technology or part of any mobile phone is not the screen size or quality, it is not the storage space or is the quality of the camera, but it is the battery. No matter how advanced your phone is, without the battery it is useless. In the recent times, with the iPhone 6, Apple has made tremendous improvements to enhance iPhone battery life and performance. However, to those who are still using older versions, battery performance is still a problem and may require phone battery repair york. Here are tips on how to preserve your iPhone battery life:

battery life icon
battery life draining icon

Update to the latest software

The best thing about Apple software is that it updates often and the updates include advanced energy-saving technologies.  Therefore, to enhance the performance of your phone as well as the battery performance, ensure that you update to the latest software as soon as an update is released.

Enable low power mode

If you are using iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s or SE, you will realize that there is a feature called low power mode. This feature is switched on automatically when your iPhone battery goes below 20 percent. This feature switches off a number of applications including background app refresh, certain visual effects, automatic downloads, mail fetch and other not so important applications. This drastically saves the battery life of your iPhone. Only iPhones running with iOS 9 have this feature.

Turn Off Motion Effects

The parallax effect is the name given to the slightly moving icons and notifications in iOS when you slightly move your iPhone. These effects were created by Apple to give the flat icons on the screen some depth. The graphic capabilities required to create this effects reduces battery life of your phone. So turn it off and help preserve iPhone battery life.

iphone battery icon
iPhone battery icon

Enable Auto-Brightness

Increased screen brightness eats up battery power. The extra light required to brighten up the screen requires a lot of energy, and this drains your battery faster. When you enable Auto-brightness feature, the phone will automatically use less light in darkness and use more light when outside in the open. However, if auto-brightness feature is not giving you the results you require, you can reduce the brightness of your screen manually.

Turn Off 4G

Although 4G mobile network has more benefits than 3G, it uses a lot of power as compared to 3G networks. Luckily, any iPhone that connects to 4G networks can also connect to 3G networks. Therefore, if you want to extend the battery life of your iPhone, simply switch to 3G network, and you will still enjoy using your phone.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

When you leave your Wi-Fi connectivity enabled, you will be allowing your iPhone to search for available networks even when you do not need the internet. This drains your battery life, and if not switched off, your phone will power off.





phone repair law

Phone Repair Law

An article to help anyone who’s had a faulty screen repair and needs some help in resolving it.

While every effort’s been made to ensure this article’s accuracy, it doesn’t constitute legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances. If you act on it, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. We can’t assume responsibility and don’t accept liability for any damage or loss which may arise as a result of your reliance upon it.


This is the third most visited page on our website. Which means there are a lot of people looking for advice after receiving poor workmanship. At Mend My iPhone we wanted to always make sure our customer gets the repair they’ve asked for, with the quality they expect. If its not right and sometimes technology fails and sometimes we make mistakes we’ll do whatever we can to make sure the customer gets what they’ve paid for; or their money back. We believe in great customer service and doing the right thing.


If you have a screen fitted and it goes faulty ?

Ok so you’ve been to a shop/market stall/facebook seller or someone similar and you’ve had a screen repair done or some other repair and it’s gone wrong, you’ve had a faulty screen repair.  Typically with a screen it can develop a fault shortly after being fitted. Now it’s common in some circumstances that it can be your fault, too much pressure on the screen in your pocket can crack the back of the LCD, it happens. But you may know that you’ve been careful with it and it’s just gone weird on you.

Now you’ve paid good money for this repair, you thought long and hard about it and you contacted someone to do it, maybe you even took it to the high street shop near the market. Either way what happens now ? You paid £65 to have your iPhone 6 screen repaired and now it’s not working.

Did you ask for a warranty when you had it fixed, did you get a written receipt with a warranty, with contact information ?

We get a lot of calls from people telling us they’ve had a phone fixed somewhere and when they’ve gone back they’ve been told it’s their fault and they’ll have to pay again. There seems to be no warranty, no help, no nothing.

We fix phones each week where people are paying us to replace a screen that was only put on a few days before, phones that have parts missing and screws missing inside from poor workmanship, sometimes the screws themselves have come loose inside and lodged themselves somewhere that cause a press on the screen to fracture the LCD and render it useless. Camera cables that have not been pushed back into place causing the camera not to work, front camera/proximity cabling that isn’t even stuck down or correctly re-placed causing other components not to work.

Without being boring… what we are trying to say is make sure whoever repairs your phone gives you a receipt and a written warranty. Here at Mend My iPhone we give a 12 month warranty on all our parts and that includes our time and labour to put it right should a problem occur after fitting that is related to the quality of the part or a mistake on our part. We only work with UK suppliers that offer us a 12 month warranty so we know the parts are genuine great quality products.

We decided therefore to look at your rights as a customer so that you can deal with the issue of doing something about it yourself with the people who originally repaired your device and not having to pay us to put it right. We are happy to trust me, we like perfection, we like things repaired and we like happy, satisfied customers. We dislike poor workmanship, misleading people and trying to deceive customers.

By all means call us, by all means ask us for advice and help but this should help you too. (it’s taken from http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/how-to-complain)


Know your rights

Everyone needs to know their basic statutory rights for shopping – in other words, the rights you have by law which a shop can’t change.

The nitty-gritty of these laws depend on what you’re buying. For goods and digital content, it’s…


Know your rights

And for services it’s that they should be carried out with…

Reasonable care and skill,
Within a reasonable time,
At a reasonable price.

What can I get?

While our statutory legal protection is strong, it doesn’t matter what the rules are if the seller won’t obey them. Yet this isn’t always easy with consumer law, and you often need to sort out your own problems. If you’re on the warpath, check the three complaint rules first…

how to complain


Decide what you want to happen

When complaining about a faulty screen repair, don’t get mad. You’re more likely to get results being cool, calm and rational than if you are ranting and raving. Throw a temper tantrum and the company may be perfectly happy to lose your custom to get rid of you which makes the fight tougher.

Decide the answer to these three questions before you start:

  • Do you want to have the faulty screen re-repaired? If you could get the faulty screen repair fixed, the digital content replaced or have the service improved, would you be happy to accept that? If the answer’s yes, life’s easier.
  • Do you want a full refund? While you may want a full refund, you’re not always entitled to it if they can fix the problem. Having said that, sometimes it’s just easier for them to pay up to have the problem solved. As then to put the old part back on if necesaary but get a full refund, 
  • Do you want compensation and, if so, what kind? Do you want money over and above just fixing or replacing a product for the time or distress you’ve been caused? While this can happen, it certainly complicates things so be reasonable and be sure you genuinely feel you’ve been unfairly put out.

Bought something prior to 1 Oct 2015? Digital content wasn’t covered separately prior to 1 Oct – it was just treated as a good or service (for example, a Blu-ray would count as a good, while downloaded music would count as a service). So the usual rights for goods or services would apply.

Check the compensation timeline

When you act can determine what help you’re entitled to. Here’s what to bear in mind:

Are you returning the goods within 30 days?

how to complain

This isn’t Phone Repair Law, it’s whats Under the Consumer Rights Act you now have the right to reject something faulty within 30 days of buying it – and in most cases get a full refund. (This is called your ‘short-term right to reject’.)

If you act within this time, and you send the goods back if asked by the trader, you’re entitled to a full refund. The refund needs to be paid without any delays and within 14 days at the most. After 30 days have elapsed though, you lose the right to reject the goods and you’ll have fewer rights.

What to expect: A full refund, unless you’ve altered something – for example, if you’ve taken up the hem of a dress or unlocked your phone handset to switch it to another network, you also won’t get this with a faulty screen repair as the old screen will have been disposed of.

Bought something prior to 1 Oct 2015? Under the Sale of Goods Act you have a ‘reasonable length of time’ rather than the fixed 30-day period to return items and get a full refund.

Proving a fault later on

When goods are faulty, if you try to return them within six months then the shop has to prove they weren’t faulty when you bought them.

What to expect: You can ask for either a repair or replacement, though the retailer can say no if it’s impossible to carry out or the cost of your choice is much higher than them for the alternative.

If the item is still dodgy after just one attempt at a repair or replacement, the repair or replacement isn’t possible or it hasn’t been carried out quickly enough, you’re then entitled to ask for a refund. Within the first six months this could be the full amount.

Bought something prior to 1 Oct 2015? You’re able to choose repair, replacement or a partial refund. Whether to ask for a repair or replacement is your choice. Yet the retailer could say no if the cost of repair or replacement is too high and they could instead offer compensation; usually a partial refund or credit note.

More time to complain

how to complain

Over six months, and it’s more important for you to prove the good or service was faulty when you bought it. Yet there’s another piece of legislation called the Limitation Act (it’s the Prescription and Limitation Act in Scotland) that can help you out.

This says you have up to six years to complain after you bought a good (five years in Scotland).

What to expect: Here, you have the same rights as above, ie, your choice of repair or replacement or a partial refund if this doesn’t work out. However, the partial refund can be reduced to take account of the use you’ve had of the item above and beyond six months, so you’ll get much less back if you’ve had something for five years rather than one year.

There’s one exclusion to the ‘deduction for use’ rule and that’s for motor vehicles. If you’re returning a car, motorcycle or other vehicle the partial refund can include time prior to the six-month deadline.

In both cases – before and after six months – you’re also entitled to ask for other remedies or damages. This generally means you should be put back into the same position you were in before things went wrong. As well as your partial refund this can include compensation for your time and other expenses incurred.


Use a guarantee or warranty

If there are problems with a seller and you’ve a manufacturer’s guarantee, these are in addition to your statutory rights and you can use the guarantee as well as your legal rights.

Your contract is with the retailer or service provider, not the product manufacturer, so it is its responsibility to sort it out, providing that the product is breaking your statutory rights. So don’t let the retailer fob you off, for example, by saying you must use the guarantee first to send a duff DVD player back to the manufacturer.

Guarantees offer a repair or replacement within a fixed time, e.g. 12 months (like our warranty)

Warranties are different. They’re additional contracts you usually pay for when you buy something. Most warranties are a waste of cash, as they’re over-expensive and under-claimed.


Citizens Advice consumer service

Citizens Advice logoThe main source of help for individual consumer issues is Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06. You can also fill in an online form and get an emailed reply or search for your nearest local bureau to get face to face advice.

An adviser will give you specific info for your case on how to complain, but may not be able to intervene on your behalf.

Link:Citizens Advice




CALL US on 0330 999 2949 and we’ll help where we can. Happy to have a look at repairs you’ve had done and advise on a course of action. And if you want a repair with a 12 month guarantee against part defects then please get in touch with us.


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mobile unlocking banner picture

How you can unlock a phone

The best way to unlock a phone is using a phone unlocking service that does it properly and makes sure it’s not going to be un-done at any point in the future.

There are many places you can get one unlocked. Often there are people in and around the shopping centres and precincts where the actual phone shops are located so you can literally walk out and have your device unlocked. And this can be done via a cable almost immediatly. Unlocking can be that simple.

iPhones are different and depend on a number of things like the phone not being reported as stolen, ‘Find my iPhone’ turned off and what network it’s on, what model it is and whether its in or out of contract.

There are lots of scam sites online too. Be wary who you use for phone unlocking  – however there are a lot of reputable ones that provide unlock codes within a few days via text message/email with clear instructions on how to do it.


We have partnered with a very trusted mobile unlocking company and we have negotiated very competitive pricing. So if you need a phone unlocking. Any phone. Email us at info@mendmyiphone.co.uk with your make, model and IMIE number (found on the back of your phone or box somewhere) and I’ll give you our best price.

We don’t need to have your device. It’s all done via Air so all we need is the info and then we process it and once we know it’s been unlocked we’ll contact you and instruct you how to do it. iPhones are a 5 sec plug into iTunes procedure; other brands diff method. But none require me to have your phone. Easy eh !

Or if you want a chat and talk it through first i’m on 07934 062949

Minster FM Listener Choice Awards


Minster FM Listener Choice Awards
Minster FM Listener Choice Awards

It’s Time To Vote!

And we’d like you to vote for Mend My iPhone please….

MinsterFM.com is bringing a brand new award ceremony to North Yorkshire.  The Listener Choice Awards, sponsored by YH Training Services,  are all about the businesses that make a real difference to our every day lives.  The winners will be selected by a listener vote and will be announced with a live broadcast from the awards ceremony York Theatre Royal on Tuesday October 18th.

Voting closes for the first round at 6pm on Sunday 25th September 2016.  One the voting closes we’ll have narrowed down the field to just a few finalists in each category and then we’ll open up a second round of voting, so make sure you help your favourites get through by voting now.  Categories with fewer than five entries will have votes carried through automatically to the second round.

So now it’s down to you to get the votes in for the Minster FM Listener Choice Awards




Youtube Video

Mend My iPhone Youtube Video


Our promotional video designed by my son one afternoon to give you an idea about what we do.


My son Charlie, who is a techie sort of kid just like me made me this video one afternoon to help promote the business. it’s amazing and I’ve had a lot of positive comments on Social Media and from friends about it. He put a lot of effort into the Youtube video and it shows in this final version.



iphone wont charge

iphone won't charge





Why won’t your iPhone won’t charge.

You plugged your iPhone into the wall or your computer, and your iPhone won’t charge.


If your iPhone won’t charge, there could be an issue with a few things involved with charging your iPhone:
  • The wall adapter.
  • your software/firmware controlling the phone
  • the USB/charging cable.
  • the charging port on your iPhone.
  • the battery.


Hopefully after you’ve read this you’ll save yourself a trip to see us as here’s some ideas for you about what causes iPhone charging problems and show you how to diagnose and fix why your iPhone won’t charge.

When you plug your iPhone into a power source, you’re not hooking it up directly to the battery – you’re hooking it up to a lightning or 30-pin dock connector port, and even that isn’t connected directly to the battery! After power enters your iPhone, it is the logic board in tandem with your iPhone’s software that determines whether or not to charge the battery.

The iPhone is an incredibly complex piece of hardware, and it may seem counterintuitive, but it is the iPhone’s software (and firmware) that decides whether the battery should or should not charge.

If your iPhone won’t charge, replacing the battery inside of your iPhone will most likely have zero effect. If there is a hardware problem that is causing your iPhone battery to not charge, it is much more likely that the problem is with your charging port, not the iPhone battery itself.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Charge

1. Make Sure It’s Not Just A Simple Software Problem:

Do a hard reset by holding the power button and home button together until the the Apple logo comes back on and then let go…this can often cure the problem as to why your iphone won’t charge…in fact it’s what I always tell people over the phone before I would even see them.

2. Check your USB/Charging cable:

Take an especially close look at both ends of your USB cable. Apple’s lightning cable and 30-pin dock connector cables are prone to fraying, especially at the end that connects to your iPhone. If you see visible signs of wear or if it’s not to touch where it connects then this maybe why your iphone won’t charge replace it and make sure you buy an apple certified cable as other cables don’t often work with all devices. You’ll know as a when you plug it in you’ll get a warning saying “this charging cable is not supported by this device” (or something similar!:-) can’t quite remember lol)

This might seem obvious, but try charging your iPhone using a friend’s cable. If your iPhone suddenly springs back to life after you plug it in, you’ve identified the reason why your iPhone won’t charge – a faulty cable.

3. Check your power source:

If you charge it in a particular socket, try a different one. Maybe test your charging device with another person’s compatible phone.

Try a different cable, a different charging port, a different accessory

4. Cleaning out the charging port on your iPhone:

Take a close look inside the bottom of your iPhone using a torch. If you see any debris in there, it might be preventing the lightning or dock connector cable from making a solid connection to your iPhone and this maybe why your iphone won’t charge; There are lots of little pins down there, and it only takes one obscured pin to prevent your iPhone from charging.

If you think there’s anything in there, use a fine pair of tweezers or a toothpick, something like that to scratch around a little an dislodge anything. Tapping your phone gently on a surface can help loosen it now you’ve scratched around and help it out. 

A very common reason for an iPhone that won’t charge is liquid damage to the charging port. Liquid damage can short out the connections in the charging port of your iPhone and all sorts of iPhone charging problems. Even if you’ve dried out the port and brushed out the gunk, sometimes the damage has already been done.

If you need to fix your iPhone today you can call us on 07934 062949 and we’ll do our best to come and see you and fix it. Or you can book an appointment via our contact us page or email us at info@mendmyiphone.co.uk if you’s prefer.

Prices vary depending on iPhone model but are all listed on our site.

Hope this article has helped save you time and money. After all there’s no point us repairing something that doesn’t need repairing.