Apple iPad 8th Gen Repair Prices

iPad 9th Gen Repair Prices A2602-A2604-A2603-A2605

iPad Repair

iPad 9th gen repair PRICES on all models near Hull.

Mend My iPhone takes pride in being the top iPad repair company near Hull. Our efficient and prompt services ensure that you never have to endure the inconvenience caused by a broken iPad screen. Our highly skilled technician offer a quick walk-in service near Hull, but we do recommend booking to guarantee the quickest turn around time.

9th Gen

A2602 | A2604 | A2605

iPhone 9th Gen RepairRepairs

  • Screen Repair £80
  • Battery Replacement £80
  • Charge Port Replacement £90
  • LCD Screeen £120
  • Glass and LCD Together 
  • Homebutton Repair £60
  • Software Fix £20
  • Liquid Damage Recovery from £45
  • Any other repair call us 07934062949

iPad Broken Screen Repair

iPad 10th gen repair for a screen Near Hull – Quick and Easy Solutions

Is your iPad screen cracked or damaged? Mend My iPad is your trusted local expert near Hull, ready to bring your iPad back to life. Our fast and efficient iPad repair service ensures minimal disruption for you. With our skilled technicians and a range of popular iPad screens in stock, most screen repairs take just 30 minutes with a booking. Walk-ins are welcome, but booking ensures the quickest turnaround. You can see all our iPad screen prices here 

Should You Fix a Cracked Screen?

Absolutely! Repairing your iPad screen is usually much more cost-effective than buying a new device. Plus, if you haven’t backed up your data, fixing the screen is essential to access your valuable information.

Cost of iPad 10th Gen repair to a Screen

The cost of iPad repair varies depending on the model and screen technology. We offer fair market prices based on the complexity and time required for the repair. Our prices include VAT for transparency. For non-local customers, we provide a reliable postal repair service. You can see here what Apple themselves charge

Quality Assurance

We stand by the quality of our repairs with a 12-month warranty against defects (excluding breakages). For added protection, we offer screen protectors in-store.

iPad Battery Replacement Near Hull

Is your iPad battery draining quickly or not charging? Mend My iPad offers premium battery replacements with original circuits for accurate life cycle reporting. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our batteries match the original capacity, ensuring optimal performance. We provide a 12-month warranty and both walk-in and postal services for your convenience. Searching for “iPad repair places near me” in Hull? Look no further!

iPad Charging Port Repair

Frequent use can lead to charging port issues, but it’s often just dirt and debris. Walk-in customers get a free cleaning, while postal repairs have a minimal £10 fee. If a replacement is needed, our expert technicians will handle it efficiently. For “iPad repair cost” and more details, visit our website.

iPad Liquid Damage Repair

Water damage can be stressful, but Mend My iPad has a high success rate with these repairs. For £50, we clean and replace damaged components. If further repairs are needed, we’ll provide a cost estimate. If your iPad is beyond repair, there’s only a £15 inspection fee. Available in-store or via postal service. When searching for “iPad repair Hull,” choose us for reliable service.

iPad Camera and Lens Repair

Is a faulty camera preventing you from capturing memories? Mend My iPad offers walk-in and postal services for camera and lens repairs. Our experienced technicians use top-quality parts and provide a one-year warranty. Searching for “iPad fixes” near Hull? We have you covered.

iPad Speaker Repair

If your iPad’s sound is muffled or quiet, our team can replace or clean your speakers. Walk-ins don’t need an appointment, and postal services have a minimal fee. All speaker repairs come with a 12-month warranty. For “iPad repair Apple” solutions, trust our expertise.

iPad Glass and Casing Replacement

Restore your iPad’s appearance with our glass and casing replacement services. We use advanced laser machines to ensure a perfect fit. This thorough process takes about three hours, but it’s worth seeing your iPad look brand new. Available for walk-ins and postal repairs.

iPad Home Button Repair

An unresponsive home button can be frustrating. Mend My iPad can quickly replace it, restoring your iPad’s functionality.

If your issue isn’t listed, don’t worry. With over 12 years of experience, our team can handle any iPad problem. Contact us for personalised assistance and the best “iPad repair” services near Hull.


Phone, tablet, Windows Computer and Macbook Repair Soltions

Broken Screen Repair and replacement

Mobile Phone Screen Repair

Has your iPhone been dropped or has your LCD failed? We fit high-quality OEM screens, with a 1 year warranty on iPhones and a lifetime warranty on Samsung’s.

Battery replacement

Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone not keeping a charge, or showing a Battery health warning? We can replace your battery within 2hours.

Broken Screen Repair and replacement

iPad and Tablet Repair

Broken Glass, Bleeding LCD, Not Charging or Battery draining too fast. We can help.whatever the make and model

Battery replacement

Charge Port Problems

Is your iPhone not taking a charge? Port feels wobbly and cable not fitting properly ? We’re able to clean or replace your Dock Connector. You can read how to do it yourself here

camera lens replacement

Camera Not Working or faulty

Camera gone black, Making a clicking sound and not able to focus or perhaps black dots on photos ?

Phone speaker not working

Speaker or Earpiece not working - No Sound or Quiet

Having trouble hearing people or is your phone not rining very loudly ?

Liquid or Water Damage

Dropped your iPhone in water? We repair 80% of iPhones with liquid damage, and we offer a Pre-Inspection Service.

Passcode Removal

Frozen Screen - Black Screen

Is your screen black, unresponsive, has your phone just stopped working?
Click Here for Help. You can read how to do it yourself here

Phone unlocking from a network

Lost, Forgotten PIN number

have your forgotten your passcode or pin or having trouble logging into your device. This includes computers and Macbooks

Broken Screen Repair and replacement

Damaged Back Glass or Cover. Damaged Housing

We can replace full housings, cracked back glass and more on almost any device with a damaged housing. This will help save any dirt, debris or liquid getting into your device.

Software Fix

Software Issue

Is your phone 'bootlooping' by keeping showing it's logo but not starting, software won't update or needs backing up ?

Passcode Removal

Signal Issues

Struggling with Mobile, Bluetooth or Wifi Signal? We can check and replace faulty Antennas

Read our article on How you can fix your Charging Port foor FREE If your cable is wobbly and you get no connection.


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