Apple iPhone Repairs Driffield

Apple iPhone Repairs Driffield

Apple iPhone repairs Driffield this page shows screen replacement prices for all iPhone models available. Most screen repairs take around 30 minutes . If you have a cracked lcd, bleeding lcd, smashed screen or a faulty touch screen that does it’s own thing we recommend this service. Screen fix in 30 minutes

Individual Device Prices for iPhone repair by model

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15 Plus

15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Max


14 Plus

14 Pro

iPhone 14
Pro Max


13 mini

13 Pro

iPhone 13
Pro Max


12 mini

12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max


11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone SE 20/22

iPhone X

iPhone XR



iPhone 7

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iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s

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iPhone 5c

iPhone SE
1st GEN

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Prices to Repair Your Apple Devices

Have you got a broken phone screen ? Some other Apple iPhone repair related device problem ?

Bring your broken device to Mend My iPhone, where we have been specializing in phone screen repairs since 2015 and we will examine your problem and make suggestions for repairs, optimizations, or upgrades! We strive to have the most reasonable prices for the best, most personal service you can get. See below for our most recent pricing information.

Is your phone charging port not as good as it used to be, cable won’t fit in and wobbles ?

Or pings on and off but won;t stay charging. We can help and it’s probably only dirt and debris and it’ll take us seconds to solve. Pop and see is – we rarely have to replace charging ports just clean them out.

Is your phone not holding it’s charge like it used to ?

Maybe your phone is dying quicker than normal ? Battery not seeming to hold it’s charge as well as it used to or it’s maybe random;y turning off and coming back on with 30% or just won;t come on at all. Likely just needs a replacement battery to have you sorted.

Have you got a cracked phone screen or does it just not work ?

A cracked, bleeding, maybe gone fully black (sounds like it’s working but the screen doesn’t light up) sort of problem ? We can help you with it and it will only need a screen replacement to get you back up and running quickly. We have almost all of them in stock all the time.

Do people say they can’t hear you on phone calls or you are muffled or you can’t hear other people as well as you used to through the speaker or eapiece?

It’s probably just a build up of dirt and debris in the speaker/microphone holes. You can clean the bottom holes out yourself safely with a strong pin. Just don’t poke it too hard. Or if you don’t feel like doing it yourself come and see us ans we’ll be happy to help. However leave the earpiece clean/replacement to us. Some phones have hardware like face ID units behind the earpiece grilles.

Mend My iPhone: Friendly, helpful and local for phone repair and phone sales

Welcome to Mend My iPhone, we are here to help with your iPhone repair needs! Conveniently located near Hull, we boast years of experience and expertise in helping people with their Apple iPhone issues, no matter how complex. Our specialized services include iPhone screen repair, water damage repair, battery replacement, data recovery and more. The satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself, reflected in the numerous positive online reviews and the fact we don’t advertise anywhere, all our customers tell other people and they come to us by recommendation.

Our Commitment to You: Flexible and Accommodating Services

At Mend My iPhone, flexibility is our strength. Whether you prefer to visit our shop in Market Weighton or opt for our postal repair services, we’ve got you covered. Our fixed pricing and comprehensive list of common iPhone repairs, along with associated charges, are readily available on our website for your convenience.

For issues not listed on our services page, feel free to reach out to us through phone, email, or in-store. With Mend My iPhone, rest assured that your iPhone is in safe hands!

iPhone Broken Screen Repair

iPhone Screen Repair near Hull if you need it replacing.

Mend My iPhone takes pride in being the top iPhone repair company near Hull. Our efficient and prompt services ensure that you never have to endure the inconvenience caused by a broken iPhone screen. Our highly skilled technician offer a quick walk-in service near Hull, but we do recommend booking to guarantee the quickest turn around time. Normally if you book a screen repair will take only 30 minutes on most iPhones. We keep popular iPhone screens in stock, making your repair hassle-free.

Is it worth fixing a cracked screen you ask ?

Depending on the age and use ability of the phone then generally yes. It’s considerably cheaper to repair than replace. It may also be that you have no idea if your data is backed up and in that case only a screen repair will get access to it as most phones have passcodes and clever charge port software locks on that these days stop us brute forcing data access.

How much does it usually cost ?

It varies per phone based on the technology of the screen and market prices. We set our prices at fair market replacement costs. We don’t benchmark ourselves against anyone else. Our prices are worked out on the cost price of a screen and the time/complexity of the repair. If it’s simple and quick it’ll cost less than another repair. We are also VAT registered so will cost more for a domestic user than some companies.

Apart from our walk-in service, we also provide a reliable postal screen repair option, ideal for those not local to Market Weighton

Quality matters to us, so we offer a 12-month warranty against defects (excluding breakages) to ensure you get the most out of your newly repaired screen. For added protection, we provide screen protectors in-store.

Explore our website for current in-store and postal iPhone screen repair prices. At Mend My iPhone, we’re dedicated to providing reliable and affordable iPhone repair services.

iPhone Repair near Hull Battery Replacement

Revitalize Your iPhone with Mend My iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone battery losing its charge quickly or not charging at all? Mend My iPhone near Hull is here to help. Over time, battery health deteriorates, and our premium iPhone battery replacements use original circuits to accurately report life cycles to your phone.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, we prioritize quality and only use branded cells matching the original capacity of your iPhone. This commitment allows us to provide a confident 12-month warranty. Our walk-in iPhone battery replacements near Hull and postal service ensure you have convenient options for restoring your iPhone’s battery life. You can read more about battery life READ HERE

iPhone Repairs near Hull Charging Port

Mend My iPhone: Expert iPhone Charging Port Repairs

Charging port problems are common in iPhones, and Mend My iPhone near Hull is your go-to solution. Years of plugging and unplugging can lead to broken charging ports, but fear not – we’re here to help. We won’t sell you a new port if it’s not needed. It’s commonly just dirt and debris – for walk in customers we’ll clean this out FREE of charge. You can also read about how to clean out your own charging port here  For postal customers, there’s a minimal £10 admin fee and postage.

iPhone Repairs near Hull Liquid Damage

High Success iPhone Water Damage Repairs at Mend My iPhone

Water damage to your iPhone can be distressing, but Mend My iPhone near Hull has a high success rate in repairs. For just £50, we strip down your iPhone, clean any corrosion, and replace damaged components. If additional replacements are needed, we’ll advise you on the costs. If your iPhone is beyond repair, you’ll only be charged a £15 inspection fee. This service is available without booking in-store or via our postal service.

Explore our website for the latest iPhone water damage repair costs, available for in-store and postal services.

iPhone Repair near Hull Camera and Lens Repair

Capture Memories Again with Mend My iPhone Camera Repair

Miss taking memorable photos or selfies because of a faulty iPhone camera? A sign of a faulty camera is it’s inability to focus or a juddering/clicking noise.  Mend My iPhone near Hull offers both walk-in and nationwide postal services for back and front camera replacements, along with broken lens repairs. With years of experience and top-quality parts, our repairs come with a one-year warranty.

Visit our website for current iPhone camera and lens repair prices.

iPhone Repairs near Hull Speaker

Crystal-Clear Sound with Mend My iPhone Speaker Repairs

Mend My iPhone near Hull can replace your faulty loud or earpiece speaker. Our drop-in service requires no booking, and for postal customers, there’s just a £10 admin fee and postage. If your speaker only needs cleaning due to muffled or quiet sounds, we’ll take care of it free of charge in-store. For postal service users, the charge is minimal. All speaker replacements come with a 12-month return-to-base warranty.

Discover our latest in-store and postal iPhone speaker repair costs.

iPhone Repair near Hull, Glass Replacement, Casing

Restore Your iPhone’s Glory with Mend My iPhone Glass Replacement

The iPhone rear often gets neglected, but not at Mend My iPhone near Hull. Dents and scratches can make your phone look worn, but we can rehouse your iPhone into a brand new back, making it look as good as new. We also have a state of the art laser machine that can cut the glass off the back allowing us to clean your frame and re-bond a new piece of glass making it as good as new.  Drop into our near Hull shop without an appointment or use our nationwide postal service. Be aware that a back glass repair is approx a three hour repair due to the amount of work involved. But worth it to see your phone as good as new.

Check our current in-store and postal iPhone glass repair prices on our website.

iPhone Home Button Repair

Responsive Touch with Mend My iPhone Home Button Repair

Mend My iPhone near Hull handles a range of iPhone problems, including unresponsive home buttons. We can fit a new home button to your iPhone, restoring its normal function

If you don’t see your problem listed her and need a solution – we have been working on iPhones for 12 years and know them back to front so reach out and give us a call or message us and we will help you one way or another

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