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apple iPhone battery icon

Battery Problems – is the latest iOS affecting battery life ?

Is the latest iOS affecting battery life ? We’ve already had a few customers in this week after the latest iOS update claiming their batteries aren’t performing in their iPhones. So far we...

screen warning

Apple: You’ll be warned if your iPhone 11 uses a non-genuine replacement screen

Apple has revealed it will show an ‘Important Display Message’ on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max devices if the phone detects that the screen is a non-genuine replacement....

iOS 13

iOS will not make millions of phones obsolete

iOS update – Apple is about to make millions of iPhones totally obsolete ! Scaremongering headlines from people who see the latest iOS update release from Apple iOS 13 which is only compatible ...

iCloud login

What is iCloud and why you need it

iCloud: What is iCloud? Two quick question before we go any further – do you know you Apple ID and password ?  If you don’t know what iCloud is and does. Read on ! What I am about to tell ...

Find my iPhone – my friend’s success story

Find My iPhone Does it work ? Yes it does ! Here’s the reality. My friend Patrick recently left his iPhone in a laundrette and after a few minutes realised and went back. Of course it wasn&#8217...

iPhone 4s white on the O2 network

Do you really need the new iPhone ? Do you ?

Are you reading this blog post on your phone? Good news! You don’t need a new phone ! Do you ? Apple release the new  iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max soon. They have faster proc...

The all new iPhone 11

Apple Have released the new iPhones There are three new iphones in the line up – you can see a comparison here to the different models and there specifications on Apple’s page. But here a...

Say NO to Rice

  What to Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water Quick! Get it out of the water! Turn it off. And leave it off. Take off any cases or enclosures. Wipe it down (Use a Q-tip if you need to) Put it in...

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