iPhone Batteries

iPhone Batteries

iPhone Batteries

“I have noticed recently that my iPhone often gets incredibly hot, especially while/after charging or if using functions such as Bluetooth. This issue seems to have started since I carried out the latest IOS11 software update, so I’m not sure if that would be related to it at all. I’ve read online about some settings to change to help reduce this issue & I have since made a few changes, including turning location services off when not needed, as this seems to help.

However the problem is persisting. Do you think it could be due to my phone now being 2+ years old and maybe in need of a new battery as well?”

This pretty much sums up a lot of the work we now do. We never used to replace batteries maybe 2-3 a week commonly across out business and only really ever in iPhone 5G and 6G and the odd iPad once a month- we are now replacing 4/5 batteries a day (mainly 6 series and 7 series, despite them not being very old their batteries seem to be the worst) and this maybe due to heightened knowledge in the media and facebook groups about it, but also 2 iPads a day (mainly iPad mini and Air 1/2).

Typically  we have phones and iPads now just not turning on. It’s like the battery has just literally died. We pop in a new iPhone battery and it’s back to normal. We’ve recently had an iPad Air2 that c are in for a battery 4 days after the 12 month warranty expired on the one we put in only a year before. We are also seeing batteries we’ve replaced get worn out again after 2-34 months, not commonly but odd as they all come from the same supplier and quite random.

Other faults seem to include and increase in U2 IC or Tristar chips chip repairs. This is the chip than controls the charging port and the battery and tells the phone how the battery is doing and what it needs to do to control the power the phone needs to operate. Sometimes it can just stop working and whatever charger you use it wont accept it, not may charge the iPhone battery really slowly or may work intermittently. We believe that Apple’s hardware and software developers are not working in any alignment and are driving battery technology too hard. Consequently it’s having a detrimental effect on the operating performance of the phone.

We can replace batteries and we can do board level repairs to have you up and running however it seems amazing the amount we are doing. 5 Tristar repairs a week on iPhones and iPads. Batteries we are buying in ever larger volumes to make sure we have the stock to help.

The common factor is iOS11 and the iPhone Battery

If you have a iphone or iPad  thats suddenly stopped working its likely its just the battery and w can fix that same day, even iPads. We do a call out, mail in and walk in service to help.

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