iPhone battery repair offer

iPhone battery repair offer

Does you iPhone battery have any of the following symptoms ?

Dies at around 30% ?

Doesn’t hold charge ?

Charges slowly ?

Has a lifting screen on the left hand side splitting the screen from the frame ?

Has blotches on the screen if you put pressure on it ?

The phone gets hot?

Your iPhone battery health is less than 85% if you look at the battery app in settings  ?


If any of these are the case you will need a battery repair. Currently we charge £40 upwards for standalone battery repairs and they take approx 15 minutes to do in-store. We also offer a call out service for £15 extra.

For March and April 2019 we are offering to repair your battery at the same time as any other repair for only £20.

So get some new life into that old phone and bring it along.


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We also operate a call out repair business - so if you need us to come to you just ask.