iPhone vs. Android Phones

iPhone vs. Android Phones

Which is better: iPhone or Android phones? It feels like an age-old question at this point (and I reckon philosophers will be asking it soon as well). We get asked it often enough ourselves, particularly because the word “iPhone” is in our business name, but how we actually feel is a different thing entirely.

When considering buying a phone we often consider three things: price, software (what runs on it) & hardware (things like the screen & look of the phone). Both offer two very different but great packages, but which one is right for you?

The Basics

Let’s start with some basic facts, shall we? iPhone is owned by Apple & Android is now owned by Google. Google bought Android in 2005 & debuted in 2007. The first iPhone debuted in 2007 as well. This is when the trend of Smart Phones really began to take off. The lack of buttons & portable access to the internet really helped to cement the love and popularity of Smart Phones. Technology keeps getting better so the phones keep getting better. Photos taken using Portrait Mode on iPhones are now being used as magazine covers. This would not have been possible just 10 years ago. 

Both companies have a monopoly on the mobile phone business. Whilst other companies have tried to make a dent (and keep trying) in the phone industry they seem to always fall flat. Your choice really comes down to an iPhone or an Android phone.


One thing we often consider when buying a phone is the price. The most recent iPhone will set you back a considerable amount if you buy it out right (and these prices keep increasing year on year). 

Although Apple have dabbled in the past with ‘budget’ iPhones, like the iPhone 5c, there iPhone line-up is still very much on the higher end of the mobile industry. The only way to really get a good deal on an iPhone is to buy an older model e.g. buying the iPhone 8+ (£699) instead of the iPhone XS Max (£1,099). 

Another way you could get an iPhone for cheaper is by buying pre-owned from us! We have many models available in our Market Weighton branch or you can get in touch with us to find the right phone for you. We also sell pre-owned Android phones! 

On the Android side of things, you can find many different phones at varying different price points, which means you have far more options as a consumer. You could go with Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola or even go with the Google Pixel. Most of these brands have low-tier mid-tier and high-end models for any budget. We are seeing mid-tier phones getting really good as technology develops further. 


Software is another important thing to consider when debating if you should get an Android phone or an iPhone. iPhones run iOS software, which is Apple-owned & made and Android phones use Android software (obviously). 

iPhones are the only phones that are licensed/allowed to use iOS so you wouldn’t be able to have it on anything else. Personalisation of the way your iPhone looks isn’t very easy as the software is quite restrictive. I would argue on a personal level that iOS looks cleaner than most Android themes. It can often come down to personal taste. Because iPhones are quite restrictive, they are also considered to be a lot more safe than Androids. In this digital age it is very important to consider your safety online. iOS also runs smoothly with other Apple products e.g. iPad, Apple Watch & MacBook’s with features such as Airdrop (which allows you to send files easily from one Apple device to another). This is important to consider whether you should get an iPhone or Android phone. 

Android on the other hand can be customised. Most phone companies, like Samsung, will have their own take on the Android software that you can use. This gives you a lot more options. There have been questions in the past about the safety of using Android phones so that should be considered when deciding which company to purchase from. 

There is also the part where iPhones slow down once they get older due to a software feature put in place by Apple. They claim this is to help protect the life of the battery, but more often than not, it frustrates the user more than anything. 


If you break it down, all phones are basically a rectangle with a touch screen on one side and a camera on the back, but there are some differences!

Android runs on so many different phones that you have a lot of choice between hardware. You could go with Samsung who make the Galaxy phone series, you could possibly go with the Google made Pixel or maybe even a LG, Huawei, Motorola or HTC (the list really does go on and on and on an on…). They all have slightly different cameras, screens, speakers and slightly different features that cater to different people. Going back to price for a second, because there are many options to choose from, they also come in varying different prices. If you buy a cheaper Android phone you would be sacrificing the VERY best hardware e.g. you may not get the best camera, but it will still be good. We would recommend popping into our shop to have a look at phones before deciding on what you want.

If you want a phone that runs iOS software, you have one choice: An iPhone. Yes, there are older models you can pick up that run it, but that is what you are stuck with. If you don’t like the way the iPhone looks, sounds, how the camera works and even the size of them it is most likely not for you.


The main points you should consider whether you’re going to buy either an iPhone or an Android phone are:

  • You have more choice with Android in terms of software customisation and what hardware you can get.
  • iPhones work seamlessly with other Apple products in the ecosystem.
  • There have been security issues with Android in the past.
  • You can get an Android phone for a lot cheaper. 

Overall, just like with most things in life, it is down to personal taste. If you still can’t decide, don’t be afraid to pop in to see us in our store to find out more!

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