iOS will not make millions of phones obsolete

iOS 13

iOS will not make millions of phones obsolete

iOS update – Apple is about to make millions of iPhones totally obsolete !

Scaremongering headlines from people who see the latest iOS update release from Apple iOS 13 which is only compatible on the following phones

iPhone XS
iPhone XS
Max iPhone
XR iPhone
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE
iPod touch (7th generation)
But this doesn’t mean your phone won’t work.If you own an iPhone 6 or any device older than this, you’re out of luck – it will not run the latest software. Apple reportedly sold more than 200 million of these devices along with the larger iPhone 6 Plus, which is also about to become obsolete. No it’s not. Here’s what will really happen.

The phone will still work as a phone, you’ll still be able to text, use email and take photos and videos and all he rest that you normally use it for. All that will really happen is that some third party apps – like What’sapp will eventually become unsupported and not work because they will want you to be forced to use the latest operating system iOS. It doesn’t meant that are obsolete.

We still have customers with iPhone 4/4s and they stopped being supported in iOS 10.o 4 years ago. (the 4 a year earlier in iOS  8) So don’t worry. The 5 and 6 series are still great phones to have and own and use. If you have them they are still fully repairable and will continue to work. Apple and other retailers just want you to buy the newer shiny things and say they are obsolete to make you upgrade. Do not fall into this trap. If you have a 4 why not upgrade to a 5 or 6 series. We sell them here.

Apple’s iPad range will no longer run iOS, but will instead get their own off-shoot of the mobile operating system dubbed iPadOS, which has a number of features not available to iPhone and iPod Touch owners. Most notably, iPad users will be able to run a column of iOS widgets on the Home Screen alongside their app icons.

There are also a number of new multi-tasking capabilities, as well as gestures for copy and paste – something you’ve previously only been able to do by long-pressing on a part of the text and selecting an option from the menu that appears.

iPadOS doesn’t launch until Septemebr 30, 2019, while iOS 13 has been available to everyone running one of the smartphones above on since September 19, 2019.

check your phone in settings here

iOS software update

Read about the iOS update here on Apple’s own websaite to see all the latest features,



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