Phone grading of refurbished phones

Our Refurbished Device Grading System: Ensuring Quality and Value

All our refurbished devices are graded from A to working, depending on accessories and condition. Here is our grading and 12 month no quibble warranty information.

Our grading scales are in alphabetical order, identifying the device based on its cosmetic condition. Devices lower down the scale may include scratches and marks, making them ideal for those who do not need or want a nearly new product and are looking for true value for money. All devices are inspected for their cosmetic condition to ensure they meet our strict grading standards.

Grade A

Our Grade A devices are in “like new” or pristine condition. These devices are free of any cosmetic damage. They will have a mark free screen. To make sure they are pristine and in ‘like new’ working order they may have had refurbishment including a battery for tip-top performance. 

Grade B

Our Grade B devices are also in “like new”  or very close condition. These devices will have light markings but not damage, with screens that do may have light surface scratches but nothing obvious in use. These devices will come without original boxes and/or complete accessories. More information will be available in the device listing.

Grade C

Our Grade C devices are in very good to good condition. These devices may have minor cosmetic abrasions to the casing, such as colour rub off or the odd small dent, scratch and the screens may show some signs of wear more than a Grade B but will still be . These devices will also come without original boxes and/or complete accessories. More information will be available in the device listing.

Grade "Working"

Our working devices are in poor cosmetic condition. These devices may have cosmetic abrasions and scratches on the casing and the screen. Despite their appearance, the devices are fully functional and covered by our warranty. These devices will come without original boxes.

Our Warranty backing up your purchase for 12 whole months

Our warranty is a no quibble 12 month guarantee that your device will work as expected for a full 12 months and any faults that arise we will sort including upto and replacing if necessary the entire device. Batteries are covered during this 12 month period if performance drops. We will void the warranty if the device has been repaired by another company during the warranty period and will also void the warranty for accidental/water damage. 

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