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iPhone and Samsung Repairs for phone fix

Mobile Devices we repair :

Mobile Phones

Everything listed below and more. If you have a broken phone we can help you.


Screen Replacements, Batteries, Charging issues, Software reepair and more


We repair faulty Software, keyboards, Blue screens of death and upgrade hardware


We repair Screens, Batteries, Charing issues, Software and board faults

Mobile phone issues we can help you with :

Must be booked on the form. Must be repaired between the dates of 15th and 19th July ONLY. Offer Expires 19th July

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2 Ways to Repair your Device


Speedy in-store repairs with a lifetime warranty. Just walk in or book an appointment at our Market Weighton Store


Our mail in service is for customers across the UK who want their devices repaired quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

Apple device repairs UK

Reasons to choose Mend My iPhone


iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei and more


iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and more


Windows and Macbook Computers


Phone, tablet, Windows Computer and Macbook Repair Soltions

Broken Screen Repair and replacement

Mobile Phone Screen Repair

Has your iPhone been dropped or has your LCD failed? Maybe it's got coloured lines down it, ink looking blotches or the scren has stopped repsoning in parts. Maybe cracked or smashed ? We fit high-quality OEM screens, with a 1 year warranty on iPhones and a lifetime warranty on Samsung’s.

Battery replacement

Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone or Samsung not keeping a charge, or showing a Battery health warning such as 'Service' ? We can replace your battery within 2hours.

Broken Screen Repair and replacement

iPad and Tablet Repair

Cracked or Smashed Glass Screen, Bleeding LCD, Not Charging or Battery draining too fast. Software updates causing problems. We can replace screens, batteries and sort charging issues on most brands of tablet. Apple, Samsung, Huawei. Amaxon Kindle's and many other brands.

Battery replacement

Charge Port Problems

Is your iPhone not taking a charge? Port feels wobbly and cable not fitting properly ? We’re able to clean or replace your Dock Connector. You can read how to do it yourself here

camera lens replacement

Camera Not Working or faulty

Camera gone black, Making a clicking sound and not able to focus or perhaps black dots on photos ? Missing or Crack lens glass can alos case this problem.

Phone speaker not working

Speaker or Earpiece not working - No Sound or Quiet

Having trouble hearing people Commonly a build up of dirt and debris in the ear piece mesh which we can replace) or is your phone not ringing very loudly ? Again this is probably just a build up of dirt and debris in the small holes at the bottom.

Liquid or Water Damage

Dropped your iPhone in water? We repair 80% of iPhones with liquid damage, and we offer a Pre-Inspection Service.


Passcode Removal

Frozen Screen - Black Screen

Is your screen black, unresponsive in parts, has your phone just stopped working?
Click Here for Help. You can read how to do it yourself here

Phone unlocking from a network

Lost, Forgotten PIN number

Have your forgotten your passcode or pin or having trouble logging into your device. This includes computers and Macbooks

Broken Screen Repair and replacement

Damaged Back Glass or Cover. Damaged Housing

We can replace full housings, cracked back glass and more on almost any device with a damaged housing. This will help save any dirt, debris or liquid getting into your device.

Software Fix

Software Issue

Is your phone 'bootlooping' by keeping showing it's logo but not starting, software won't update or needs backing up ?

Passcode Removal

Signal Issues

Struggling with mobile signal, Bluetooth connection or Wifi Signal? We can check and replace faulty Antennas

iPhone 12 Pro Max, Gold 128GB, Unlocked
Do you need a phone repair ?

Apple iPhone Repairs ?

phone screen replacement
Do you need a phone fix ?

Do you have a broken phone ?

ipad repair near hull
Do you need a phone fix ?

Apple iPad Repairs ?

Samsung repair near hull
Need a Phone Screen Replacement ?

Samsung Repairs ?

10 Tips to free up space and improve iPhone Storage

We are close for iPhone screen repairs for York. Market Weighton is close to Beverley, Pocklington, Holme-upon-Spalding-Moor, Driffield and not far from Hull.  We have customers that come to us from Leeds, York, Immigham and Scarborough as they’ve used us for 8 years or so and would rather use a company they know and trust. The good news is you can generally park right outside free of charge and there are some great places to grab a coffee whilst you wait. Such as Gelato Lounge with awesome coffee.

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