B2B Samsung Unlock UK

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Unlock any Samsung from any network in UK and Worldwide.

Samsung  Unlock

1-24 hours

All unlocks are submitted to the carrier in accordance with their unlocking policies and are fully legal. We simply make use of our status as a technology recycler to get them done on a priority basis.

We cannot unlock devices which are blocked – i.e. reported as lost or stolen, or which have outstanding bills, for obvious reasons.

Please ensure your handset is not lost or stolen using a service such as our blacklist check before submitting with us as no refunds will be given in such instances.

It’s this simple:

  1. Press Buy it now.
  2. At checkout you will be asked for your IMEI number – this can be obtained by typing *#06# on your keypad. Please enter this in the notes section. Please also give us your contact number/email address
  3. You will receive email confirmation with codes and all you do is put your new “unsupported” sim into the phone and it will ask for a code. We will have emailed you the code.





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