We offer iPhone water damage recovery service

We are specialist in iPhone water damage recovery. We have been doing this for a few years now and have reliable methods of getting phones back from their watery grave. Trust us, putting them in rice will not help. We us ultrasonic cleaners and almost pure alcohol to clean the motherboard and we have a very very high success rate, So successful that we train other people to do it. Just bring it to us or post it to us and we’ll do the rest.


We are experts

We have years of experience in water damage recovery. If the phone doesn’t recover immediately from being dropped in water and the screen going black, we will work our magic to get it back to life. We have a team of three trained in effective recovery methods. If we cannot get it back to life. Possibly no one can ! Bold statement but we know we are good.

High success rate

We have a very high success rate of repair with most models. If you’ve dropped your iPhone 7 in water then get it to us. if you’ve spilt water on your iPhone 6 and the screen has gone black we can help. the iPhone 6 series has the highest success rate of 9 out of 10. Other models are close.

We don't give up

When we say we don’t give up we mean it. We’ve had some phones that people are desperate to have working because they want iCloud pictures of loved ones that haven’t been backed up. And we will persevere until we get the phone back to life to recover data.

What can we repair ?

We are specialists in iPhones but can also do iPads and most other models of phones though to be honest it seems that iPhones like letting water in the most. They account for 99% of our phone recovery work. So they just be less waterproof than they claim. Or other phone users are more careful. We think it’s the former.

Data Recovery

if call us and say “I’ve dropped my iPhone in water and it won’t turn on” and you have pictures you need back we can at the very least as a service get the phone back to a working state to get data off it via iTunes. If we have the password for the phone we also offer a service to recover the data contained in the phone to a USB disk for you.

Warranty ?

We give a 90 day warranty on this repair. To give you peace of mind we’ve only had 3 back in the last 3 years under warranty and they were actually ALL out of warranty – one had a further complication where the trip-star charging chip failed, one didn’t recover and we refunded them and the other we had to repair a vc_main short on.

How much does it cost ?

We charge £45 for our process or water damage restoration. If the phone needs additional work such as a screen, a battery or a board level repair we discount these additional repairs. We do what we can to keep the repair costs to a reasonable price whilst trying to achieve the best possible customer solution.

Postal Service

It doesn’t matter how long ago your water damage happened and it doesn’t matter how soon we get it. We’ve recovered water damaged phones from people who have left them in a draw and forgotten about them for 6 months. And guess what – we got them back to life. So package it up and post it to us. And remember to include your details.

Important !!

If you’ve dropped your phone in water and it won’t turn on. Please leave it off, DO NOT try and plug it in and see if it works. Just accept that phones don’t like water and you need an expert to have a look at it. Even if it comes to us and we have a look and it just works and is dry inside. Please DO NOT plug it into a power supply.

Every day we hear “I’ve dropped my iPhone 7 in water and now it won’t turn on”, we have customer’s who’ve put it in rice and in airing cupboards and tried all sorts. The best thing to do is send it to us. We are highly experienced in water damage repair

Water damage repair – the first stage ?

When you go “I’ve dropped my phone in water” and get it to us, either by post or bringing it into our Market Weighton repair centre we put it through a rigorous process often taking upto 4 hours to complete and fully diagnose. We strip the motherboard, and clean it with alcohol and a soft brush; then it goes into our ultrasonic cleaner with isopropanol alcohol and heated to achieve maximum oscillation. The bubbles created get under the chips and into the crevices on the board to remove dirt and impurities left by the water. Motherboards often look like cheese with blue mould growing on them. These impurities often cause electric connection and blockages that stop the board working properly.

the second stage ?

We put the phone back together and see if it works on it’s own. If not we try a process of elimination to work out what’s stopping it booting. A lot just work and some don’t – but trust us, with out in-depth knowledge of phones we are able to get most back up and running. Even if in some extreme cases the board has a failed chip or a short in it’s circuit, we can carry out board repairs to make it work again. Very few water damaged phones leave us as dead.

third stage ?

We will contact you to give you the options. Maybe it’s just come back to life and all you have to pay for is water damage recovery, maybe it needs a new screen or battery, occasionally as we’ve said a board level repair. If it’s just the data you need we can recover that with a passcode and you can have the data on a disk and not repair the phone. Or, as in most cases, we rebuild it back to it’s original working state and you have your phone back with it’s simple water damage repair.

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