What is iCloud and why you need it

iCloud login

What is iCloud and why you need it

iCloud: What is iCloud?

Two quick question before we go any further – do you know you Apple ID and password ?  If you don’t know what iCloud is and does. Read on !

What I am about to tell you may save you loss of precious photos, contacts and more.

iCloud securely stores your photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more—and keeps them updated across all your devices. It lets you easily share photos, calendars, locations, and more with friends and family. You can even use iCloud to help you find your device if you lose it.

How iCloud works

After you setup on your iOS device or Mac, you sign in to iCloud on your other devices and computers using the same Apple ID (you only need to do this once). After that, changes you make on one device appear on all your other devices. For example, if you create a new album in Photos on your Mac, the album automatically appears in Photos on iCloud.com on Mac and Windows browsers, your iOS devices, your Apple Watch, and your Apple TV.

The same Pages document shown on iPhone, iPad, and a Mac.

Well that’s what Apple says. However in our experience with customers over the last 8 years a lot of people don’t fully understand if they have it, what they can use it for, how important it is; and the most common thing we hear is that they don’t know their Apple ID or password. Well I need you to read this …. Find out what your Apple ID is and find your password and write it down somewhere safe. You will at some point, need it, and if you can’t remember it you may not be able to access your device, get your data back or find your iPhone if you lose it. IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Even if you only know your National Insurance number or your own telephone number ( and some customers don’t ) you need to find and save this information. Trust me.

Before you read anything else, goto iCloud.com and try and sign in with your username and password. If you don’t know what your user name is it’s in your iPhone here

If you can’t login and you have forgotten your password, goto Appleid.com and sign in and as you have forgotten your password click “forgot password at the bottom. You May also find Apple’s own resetting your Apple ID pages useful

You need to check once you have got access to AppleID.com that your information like email address and a secondary email address and telephone numbers are correct as these are all helpful to reset your devices and recover data if you forget something, Do not give up access to the email address that you created your Apple ID with and don’t use someone else’s unless you can access it. and never buy a phone with someone else Apple ID on as they can log in and access your photos, iMessages and contacts among other things. But lots of people try and sell us phones with Apple Id’s on they didn’t know they had. Often the Mother of a boyfriend they used to go out with who they bought it off. Un-believable but true, You need your own ID, not someone else’s and never share them unless you want someone else to get your iMessages and you theirs.


So what can you do with iCloud once you’ve made sure you can log into it. Why is it useful ?


It effectively secures your phone to you as it locks the iCloud account onto the phone. Making it impossible to get back into if someone steals your phone and factory resets it using external software. You PIN protects you data and your iCloud protects your data if you backup. So iPhones are very secure. So never buy an iPhone on the “Hello” screen – always go through setup to the home screen and then goto settings and see if it has an iCloud account on. If it does ask the owner to sign out of it or don’t buy it. It’ll only be trouble for you at some point. And you cannot change the iCloud without signing out of it. Don’t believe you can.

Find My iPhone – lost, misplaced or stolen phone ?

This is a useful feature to find your iDevice if it’s been lost, misplaced or stolen. Without your device you can login on someone else’s device using iCloud.com with YOUR appleID and password that you now know and see in real time it on a map to within just a few feet. I have a personal friend who lost his and with my help and instruction he logged into a friends iPad and got it back within 2 hours from the person who dishonestly took it. You can ean read the story here

Data Retrieval

icloud data

You can see here that if you login to iCloud.com without your phone or on any device with a web browser connected to the internet you can see your iCloud stored photos, Caledar information, Contacts, Notes and even documents created using Apples productivity suite. How amazing is that…well it is if like me you have iCloud turned on. So do it now. Make your life easier and more accessible if you need to. And less likely you will ever lose any precious photos, Antie Dorothy;s telephone number if you need it or an important document for something.

Change of Phone

iPhone data transfer

If you change your iPhone it is now amazingly simple to transfer ALL your data from your old iPhone laying them side by side (if you still have your old one) or just using your iCloud back by signing in (using the Apple ID you know and it’s relevant password). You will lose nothing, In fact it’s just like your phone has been cloned. From the very last moment you did a back-up nothing is lost. And if you are connected to WiFi it automatically backs ups when you are connected. It’s just foolish not to have iCloud backup turned on – I’ve lost nothing in years and I change phones regularly because of my job.

Photo Storage

iCloud Photos automatically keeps every photo and video you take in iCloud, so you can access your library from any device, anytime you want. Any changes you make to your collection on one device, change on your other devices too. Your photos and videos stay organized into Moments, Collections, and Years. That way you can quickly find the moment, family member, or friend you’re looking for.

Your collection uploads to iCloud each time your device connects to Wi-Fi and your battery is charged. When you have iOS 11 or later, your library updates over cellular too. 

You can get all the info on setting up here right from Apple’s website.

Online iCloud unlocks – A warning

iCloud unlocking can be done. But unless you know someone who knows an unlocker do not be tempted to pay an online user, even on Ebay as they are generally a 2 phase scam. They will ask for what seems like a small payment, then tell you they need a second payment to process the unlock. Then after a few days be told it can’t be done and they will give you a credit note,. That can only be used with a different IMEI. Good luck. Don’t even try it. We can unlock iClouds for business users only providing there are 10 or more devices. We do not do individual devices and we must know the client and have proof of purchase and they cannot be blacklisted. This isn’t something we will do for the general public.

How to back up with iCloud – important to check you are

  1. Connect your device to WiFi
  2. Go to Settings > [your name], and tap iCloud.

iCloud setup

3. Tap iCloud Backup.


    4. Tap Back Up Now. Stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process completes.

You can check the progress and confirm the backup completed. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Under Back Up Now, you’ll see the date and time of your last backup.

Automatically back up with iCloud Backup

To let iCloud automatically back up your device each day, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  • Connect your device to a power source.
  • Connect your device to WiFi
  • Make sure that your device’s screen is locked.
  • Check that you have for the backup. When you sign in to iCloud, you get 5GB of iCloud storage for free. If you need more iCloud storage, you can buy more from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Which you can do directly from your device and well worth it.

Let Apple Explain what the backup is all about here.



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