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home button repair

iPhone 7 faulty home button ?

Do you have a faulty iPhone 7 home button ? If you have an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 or 8 Plus and the home button has stopped working, either because it’s been dropped and cracked or has been damaged...

How has technology changed education?

Times have changed since I was in school. We didn’t even have calculators (okay this is an exaggeration, but you get my point). Technology has changed the way we learn in so many ways, whether this be...

Repair phones market weighton

Repair Vs. Replacing Your Technology

In today’s society, it feels like we are more likely to purchase a new phone/laptop/electronic device, rather than repairing it. Maybe it’s a convenience thing or maybe it’s because we like the ...

Phone Water Damage

Why Rice Won’t Save Your Phone Now

Time & time again I get customers coming into our store saying that their phone isn’t working. 9 times out of 10 they tell me that “I dropped my phone in water” and that “I put it in r...

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

“There are bad people out there” While our primary business may be in mending your iPhones, we also care about making sure you and your family are as safe as possible online. As the num...

iPhone vs. Android Phones

Which is better: iPhone or Android phones? It feels like an age-old question at this point (and I reckon philosophers will be asking it soon as well). We get asked it often enough ourselves, particula...

iPhone fluff

Fluff in your iPhone charging port causing problems ?

Fluff in your iPhone Charging Port causing problems ?   We get contacted most days by people having charging issues with their iPhones. Either the port feels stiff and they have to force the cha...

iPhone home button

iPhone home button not working after repair

Home button not working ? We must get 2 – 3 calls a week from customers al over the country that have had a screen repair and then their home button has stopped working. There are a lot of different r...

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