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iPhone Screen Repair FAQ

How much does it cost to replace the battery in an iPhone?

The cost to replace an iPhone battery at an Apple Store or authorized service provider typically starts at £65 for an iPhone 7, which we charge £30 for. They also don't appear to support older phones than that, whereas we do with an iPhone 5 battery for £25

Is it a good idea to replace the iPhone battery?

Yes, replacing an iPhone battery is a good idea if your current battery is degraded. It can significantly improve the device's performance and battery life, making it more reliable and extending its usability.

How much is a new iPhone battery replacement in the UK?

In the UK, the cost of replacing an iPhone battery through Apple starts at £65 for an iPhone 7, but it can be higher for newer models. Prices may vary slightly depending on the specific iPhone model.

Is 76% battery health good for an iPhone?

A battery health of 76% indicates that the battery has significantly degraded and may not hold a charge as well as it used to. While the phone can still function, it is advisable to replace the battery to ensure optimal performance and longer battery life.

Can I replace my iPhone battery on my own?

While it's technically possible to replace your iPhone battery on your own, it is not recommended unless you have experience with phone repairs. DIY replacements can be challenging and may void your warranty or cause damage if not done correctly.

Do you lose anything when you replace the iPhone battery?

No, replacing the battery does not affect the data on your iPhone. However, it's always a good idea to back up your data before any repair to avoid potential data loss.

Why is my iPhone battery draining all of a sudden?

Sudden battery drain can be caused by software updates, background app activity, location services, or a degraded battery. Identifying and addressing these issues can help improve battery life.

How do I stop my iPhone battery from draining so fast?

To stop your iPhone battery from draining quickly, you can reduce screen brightness, turn off background app refresh, disable location services, and update to the latest software. Additionally, checking for apps that consume a lot of power and managing their usage can help.

Why is my phone battery draining so fast for no reason?

Rapid battery drain can occur due to background processes, software glitches, or apps running continuously. Restarting your phone, updating software, and checking battery usage in settings can help identify and mitigate the cause.

What is killing my iPhone battery?

Factors that can kill your iPhone battery include high screen brightness, background app refresh, location services, push notifications, outdated software, keeping your phone on charge when it's already fully charged and having it in very warm places like direct sunlight - Identifying and managing these factors can help extend battery life.

How do I stop my iPhone battery health from going down?

To preserve battery health, avoid exposing your iPhone to extreme temperatures, charge it using quality chargers, avoid full discharges, and keep your software updated.

What kills iPhone battery health?

Battery health can be degraded by high temperatures, frequent full discharges, excessive fast charging, and using unauthorized charging accessories.

How to check battery health on iPhone?

You can check battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This section provides information on the maximum capacity and peak performance capability of your battery. However if your battery has previously been changes you will not have access to this data as Apple has stopped access to unauthorized battery repairs getting the data.

How to reset battery health on iPhone?

There is no way to reset the battery health indicator on an iPhone. The indicator is based on the actual capacity and performance of the battery. If you are experiencing issues, a battery replacement might be necessary.

Why is my battery health going down so fast?

Rapid decline in battery health can be caused by excessive charging cycles, exposure to extreme temperatures, using incompatible chargers, and heavy usage patterns. Ensuring proper charging habits and usage can help slow down the degradation process.

How quickly can an iPhone screen be replaced?

Typically, an iPhone screen can be replaced within 1-2 hours . Though if booked ahead of time we can do some models in as little as 20 minutes while you wait.

Can cracked screen be fixed on iPhone?

Yes, a cracked iPhone screen can be fixed by replacing it with a new one.

Can you replace an iPhone screen without losing data?

Yes, replacing an iPhone screen does not affect the data stored on the device.

Are replacement iPhone screens as good as original?

Genuine Apple replacement screens are as good as the original, but third-party screens may vary in quality. We use a mix of original screens, aftermarket and LCD screens that are of very high quality. We have been using the same screen supplier for over 8 years and we wouldn't if the product quality didn't suit our business.

Why is Apple screen replacement so expensive?

Apple screen replacements are expensive due to the high quality of materials, precision of the repair process, and warranty provided.

How much does Apple charge to fix damaged screen?

The cost varies by model so it's difficult to say but prices start at £169 for an iPhone 7 and upto £389 for an iPhone 15 Pro Max without Apple Care

How to get Apple to replace screen for free?

Apple may replace the screen for free if the damage is covered under warranty or consumer law. Otherwise, you need AppleCare+ which covers accidental damage.

How much does it cost to restore an iPhone screen?

The cost to restore an iPhone screen depends on the model and the service provider, ranging from £45 for an iPhone 7 with us

How to fix an iPhone screen glitch?

Restart the iPhone (power on and off) if that doesn't work read our guide here to help you

Is my iPhone screen replaced?

If you've had it repaired and the screen works well without issues, then it has been replaced.

Can you replace just the glass on iPhone screen?

Technically, yes, but not many repair shops carry out this work. If you do a Google search you will find someone. You need a company that do screen refurbishment,.

How much does it cost to change an iPhone's screen?

Costs start at £35 for an iPhone 5 model and vary depending on the model

Does replacing an iPhone screen affect the phone?

If done correctly, it should not affect the phone's functionality. However, poor quality replacements can cause issues.

Will I lose my photos if I replace my screen?

No, screen replacement does not affect your data. However, it's always good to back up your data before any repair.

Should you give your password to a phone repair shop?

No, you should never give your password. Instead, disable the pass code or use the "Guided Access" feature if needed. But if you have chosen a reputable repair shop by recommendation or reviews you should be safe to do so. We very rarely ask for pass codes for screen repairs as we don't feel the need to - we can test the screen without needing access to the phone in the majority of cases.

How do I prepare my iPhone for a screen replacement?

Back up your data, disable Find My iPhone, remove the SIM card, and make a note of any passwords.

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