Mobile phone repair, Tablets and Computers too

We are here to help. We undertsand how important phones and computers and in your daily life and if you need a phone repair such as a screen replacement we can help. If it’s something more complicated like a water damaged Macbook or a smashed iPad it’s whjat we do.

Broken Screen

A broken screen is one of the most common issues faced by smartphone and tablet users

Poor Battery Life ?

Is your battery losing it's charge more quickly than it used to ? Does it randomly switch off ?

Charging Port Faulty

We normally get these sorted FREE of charge - they rarely need replacing

Damaged Back Glass

in 3 hours we can have it looking as good as new.

iPhone X

Earpiece quiet

A common fault with phone earpiece speakers and it's not htre speaker it's the mesh grill. We can strip clean and if we have to replace the grilles.

software faulty

If you can't update your phone or it's got the apple logo on after an update we can sort it

Data transfer

Need your data transfering to a new device.


We can recovery all sorts of data from lots of different devices. Just enquire to see how we can help.

Mobile Phone Repairs and more...

We repair almost all makes and model of mobile phones from screen replacements, batteries and pretty much any problem you have including water damage recovery

iPhone X

Need Something Repairing ?

WE can help

damamged screen ?

We can replace the screen on most mobiles whether it's cracked, bleeding or gone black

Sound problems ?

is your phone earpiece quiet ? Having trouble hearing people during conversations ? Doesn't ring as loudly as it used to ?

iPhone X

Battery not lasting ?

We have all iPhone batteries in stock all the time and can replace them in 15 minutes of you bok with us. Make your phone like new again.

Charging problems

If you have a faulty charge poret chanches are we can cure the wobbly wire problem in a few seconds FREE of charge. Pop in and see us.

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Mend My iphone

All services in one place

Repair Solutions

We can help get you back up and running quickly whatever your problem. From simple screen replacements to water damaged phones and data recovery off all sorts of devices. Plus more complicated stuff you don't know you need yet.

Secondhand Mobiles and Computers

We Buy and Sell mobiles phonmes, macbooks, Windows Laptops and sell a wide range of screen protection, cases and mobile life accessories

Support - Advice and Help

We are always here to offer help and support on any aspect of your mobile life. From why there's no sound to why your email won't work. If we can help you in under 5 minutes and we commonly do we won't chatrge. Consider it a random act of kindness.

Our services

Mobile Phone Repair

All types of repairs to all makes and models of phones on the market not just Apple and Samsung

iPad and Tablet Repair

Broken Glass, Bleeding LCD, Not Charging or Battery draining too fast. We can help.whatever the make and model

Macbook Repairs

We are Macbook Specialist from Screen replacements to Batteries, Charging issues, Keyboard Replacements, water damage and Software Problems. 

Window Computer Repairs

PC running slow ? Feels like it’s grinding to a halt. We have lots of solutions to speed up old and new machines. And we repair therm too. Everything from Screens to Hinges to Batteries to Virus and Malware removal.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from a lot of Phones, Computers, Macbooks and hard drives and put them onto USB. WE also carry out data transfer and migration.


Phones, Macbooks, Windows Computers, Cases, Screen Protections, Power Supplies, Cables and way more

Why us

All the phones we sell are tested & certified

We use industry leading phone testing software to test our phones before sale to make sure they are 100% right to give you M360 tested second hand phones of mind in your investment. We also give a 12 MONTH WARRANTY to back it up

Phones and more...


Most frequent questions and answers

We are based in Market Weighton not far from Beverley and near Hull. We generally have free parking outside the shop for an hour 

We are always busy and prefer you to book so we can schedule you in and guarantee a timeslot that we can stick to for you. however we understand that emergencies exist in life ands will always helpas fast as we can to gte you back up and running.

iPhone screen replacements typically take half an hour and batteries around 15 -30 minutes depending on the make and model. Android phones typically an hour to an hour and a half for repairs. due to their construction.

We take all major credit cards, cash, online payment methods, bank transfer and invoicing for business customers.

It all depends on the make and model of your phone. They are all constructed differently and the part cost, time it takes and the skill required all play a part. You can READ MORE HERE about Apple repair prices and READ MORE HERE about Samsung Price

Some of the brands we repair a lot

Driving technology for leading brands
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For any enquiries please email

Market Weighton is close to Beverley, Pocklington, Holme-upon-Spalding-Moor, Driffield and not far from Hull. We have customers that come to us from Leeds, York, Immigham and Scarborough as trhey’ve used us for 8 years or so and would rather use a company they know and trust. The good news is you can generally park right outside free of charge and there are some great places to grab a coffee whilst you wait. Such as Gelato Lounge with awesome coffee.

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