Apple iPhone Screen Replacement

Apple iPhone Screen Replacement Costs

screen Replacement Costs of iPhones

Why use us ?

We have been replacing iPhone screens for 15 years. We have used the same supplier for the last 10 years because of the high quality and this allows us to offer a 12 month warranty.

Mend My iPhone

Yes they can. We use a mix of both original and high quality aftermarket screens.  Where we know the aftermarket screens are excellent quality we use them to keep the price point low and affordable for you. We use original screens on those iPhones that demand then and where aftermarket technology hasn’t yet been perfected to our quality standards. We like to repair a phone once and it never come back.

All iPhone screen repair times vary due to differences in construction. iPhone 5 series to X series take approx 25 minutes. iPhone 11 upwards vary from 20 mins to 45 minutes as some screens require time to remove carefully

Yes we offer a 12 month warranty on all our screens. We have used the same  supplier for 10 years as he back his sales to us with a warranty allowing us to pass this on to you. If they don’t last a year and perform as you’d expect we’ll replace it Free of Charge.

We prefer you to book, then we can guarantee it’ll take 20-45 mins max depending on the model. We generally have all iPhone screens in stock all the time but cannot always guarantee it as we sometimes do 4 of the same type a day. But we are happy you walk in if you are passing and we maybe able to fit you in.

Broken iPhone screens can take many forms.

Cracks and smashed glass

Lines down the LCD

Ink blotches

Fully black screens

No physical damage but a non responsive screen

iPhone 11 Screen

iPhoneScreenReplacement Price List

  • iPhone 5 Screen  £35.00
  • iPhone 5S Screen   £35.00
  • iPhone 5C Screen   £35.00
  • iPhone SE 1st Gen Screen   £35.00
  • iPhone 6 Screen   £35.00
  • iPhone 6 Plus Screen   £40.00
  • iPhone 6S Screen   £40.00
  • iPhone 6S Plus Screen   £45.00
  • iPhone 7 Screen   £45.00
  • iPhone 7 Plus Screen   £50.00
  • iPhone 8 Screen   £55.00
  • iPhone 8 Plus Screen   £60.00
  • iPhone X Screen   £70.00
  • iPhone XS Screen   £70.00
  • iPhone XS MAX  Price  £75.00
  • iPhone XR Screen   £70.00
  • iPhone 11 Screen   £70.00
  • iPhone 11 PRO Screen   £80.00
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max  Screen  £90.00
  • iPhone 12 Screen    £90.00
  • iPhone 12 mini  Screen  £60.00
  • iPhone 12 Pro Screen   £90.00
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max  Price  £100.00
  • iPhone 13 Screen   £100.00
  • iPhone 13 mini Screen  £70.00
  • iPhone 13 Pro Screen  £245.00
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen  £255.00
  • iPhone 14 Screen  £120.00
  • iPhone 14 PLUS Screen  £190.00
  • iPhone 14 Pro Screen  £245.00
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen  £255.00
  • iPhone 15 Screen  £200.00
  • iPhone 15 PLUS Screen  £210.00
  • iPhone 15 Pro  Screen CALL FOR PRICE
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen  CALL FOR PRICE
  • iPhone SE 2020/2022 Screen  £55.00

Is your phone not holding it’s charge like it used to ?

Maybe your phone is dying quicker than normal ? Battery not seeming to hold it’s charge as well as it used to or it’s maybe random;y turning off and coming back on with 30% or just won;t come on at all. Likely just needs a replacement battery to have you sorted.

Read our Apple Battery Replacement Prices HERE

Do you want us to repair your back glass at the same time ?

You can read about our iPhone back glass repair costs here

We Sell Sim Cards and do Sim Card Top Ups

02 - Vodafone- EE - Three (3) - Voxi - Smarty - Lebara

We can top up any PAYG (pay as you go) Sim card you have in your phone from EE, 02, Vodafone, Lebara, Giffgaff and Three (3) in minutes using just your number, we can also do it over the phone by sending you a payment link and then topping your phone up remotly in seconds for you.

Need a New Sim card ? We have them in stock and can activate and top them up and test them for for you in a matter of 5 minutes