Apple: You’ll be warned if your iPhone 11 uses a non-genuine replacement screen

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Apple: You’ll be warned if your iPhone 11 uses a non-genuine replacement screen

Apple has revealed it will show an ‘Important Display Message’ on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max devices if the phone detects that the screen is a non-genuine replacement. Read on to the end and see why using Mend My iPhone will be your best choice over some competitors.

The company alerted iPhone 11 owners to the message in a new support note that explains how a non-genuine display can impact certain functions and why it’s taking an approach that doesn’t stop owners from using the device but could affect future servicing.

If a display isn’t genuine the Important Display Message appears on the lock screen for four days and in the Settings app for 15 days. They are also doing the same with Battery replacements.

After that the message will remain in the About page within Settings. The message states that Apple was “unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display” with a link to learn more.

These notifications don’t affect the owner’s ability to use their display, unlike the ‘error 53’ issue of 2016 that bricked iPhones with Touch ID after non-genuine screen replacement.

However, Apple says owners might see a further notification stating that “Apple has updated the device information for this iPhone”. This means, “Apple has updated the device information maintained for your iPhone for service needs, safety analysis, and to improve future products.”

Additionally, it warns that a non-genuine display can cause problems with multi-touch and cause brightness and color issues, as well as unintentional battery drain.

So if the battery dies early on an iPhone 11 with a non-genuine screen, Apple might not take responsibility for it. And the warning makes it easy for Apple and certified technicians to know whether the screen is genuine.

The company recently rolled out similar notifications for non-genuine battery replacements for the iPhone. Apple explained it was to protect customers from “damaged, poor quality, or used batteries that can lead to safety or performance issues.” These notifications also don’t stop users from using the phone, but again can affect future servicing.


Why you should use us over other repair shops:

Apple using specific technology to match the serial numbers on the screens that are also held in the internal memory of the phone making it difficult to replace the items without copying the serial numbers  from the original part and re-coding it onto the new one before fitting – so far we can recode the serial numbers on a lot of the phones however they are now using technology to stop us taking the code. At some point someone will manufacture a gadget that allows us to do this.

We use in preference and unless customers ask Genuine Apple parts. Our screens are refurbs of original Apple LCD’s that make them almost like the original and we use them because we recognise that copy screens are copy screens and never like the originals, never perform the same, less brightness, less colour vibrancy and we believe in repairing using the best parts.

The majority of stores in the Hull to York Area use copy screens and often charge more than we do for them with little or no warranty. We have and always will use original parts and will continue to find ways to do this whatever tricks we have to do to circumvent Apple’s attempts to make you use their “main dealer” tactics. How may of you use main dealers for your car MOT, servicing and brake repairs, do you care if they are manufacturer original parts or just that they are high quality parts for the best price ? You don’t need to use Apple or Authorised Apple repair centres to get the best job done and have original parts. What you need to choose is a repair centre who’s work is heavily reviewed, that you find by word of mouth that is trusted and who will look after you in the event of a faulty repair ? Mend My iPhone do all that. We look after people and their devices because we want to make sure the job is done right.

We will do everything possible to repair your device and to make sure it works as it did before it was damaged, and mostly we can.


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