Are tablets still relevant?

Are tablets still relevant?

It seems to me like tablets such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs, Apple’s iPads and Windows’ Surface range have died down in popularity. A few years ago they seemed to be all the rage. I think there was a period where we all felt like we were in the future using big touchscreens which we thought was really cool. The other argument is that we wanted bigger screens but once our smart phone screens started getting bigger, we stopped using tablets as much: let’s explore why and how they are making a comeback!

The reason I believe they’re making a comeback is because the people that are making the tablets, like Apple, have realised that they need to be able to do more than just what your phone can do but on a bigger scale. They need to be able to take on your everyday work. Windows really tapped into this with their Surface range of tablets because they run the full Windows operating system. People are able to do so much more with them. Apple have also realised this and have released their iPad Pro range which you can buy the Apple Pencil with to help with work flow.

Another theory I have about why tablet sales slowed is because people were keeping them for much longer, compared to how often they would get a new phone. I find a lot of people come in to Mend My iPhone with tablets that we can usually fix quickly and easily without you having to shell out for a brand new one. This allows you to keep your tablet for longer and lets you enjoy it for longer (no one wants to have to use a cracked screen). Overall, I think tablets have their place in the current market and can be a great addition to the tech you have in your life!

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