Battery Problems – is the latest iOS affecting battery life ?

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Battery Problems – is the latest iOS affecting battery life ?

Is the latest iOS affecting battery life ?

We’ve already had a few customers in this week after the latest iOS update claiming their batteries aren’t performing in their iPhones. So far we’ve seen it in only older iPhones such as the SE and 6S. So what’s causing this ?

It’s very likely it’s the iOS that either not aligned properly with these devices; and likely it’s a power hungry iOS release thats’s ok for the newer batteries such as the X range that have significantly beefed up batteries, but older phones are going to struggle.

The customers came to us for a solution as their batteries are draining faster than normal. We don’t have a solution as their batteries had good health and they had little or no background apps running. We tested their batteries independently too by taking them out the phone and putting them on our testers. So it’s the software that’s draining the batteries, either as it’s power hungry or as one customer intimated. “slowing down devices to make us buy new ones”. Well that’s not the first time Apple have been accused of this.

We’ve also spoken to some colleagues in the business and they are saying the exact same thing; having had an influx of customers through their door since the update.

All we can suggest is that anyone not having updated yet, wait a while and let’s see if future updates fix this issue, because it’s likely if Apple get lots of feedback about it and possible media pressure as internet blogs, and direct customer questions flood into their own support teams they will address it.

It’s also possible, in some cases, that your battery does need changing and you can see our article¬†on iPhone Battery Health.



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