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iPhone Battery Health

Have you got an iPhone?   Try this..   Check your battery status by going into your settings and hit the Battery section, then open battery health. (if you can’t find it, then you may need a...

Training Courses for only £300 for a full day

Would you like to repair iPhones for a living ? For a spare income through facebook ? Join our iPhone repair training We can help you achieve that ? We offer a full day training course that will teach...

Are tablets still relevant?

It seems to me like tablets such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs, Apple’s iPads and Windows’ Surface range have died down in popularity. A few years ago they seemed to be all the rage. I th...

iPhone battery repair offer

Does you iPhone battery have any of the following symptoms ? Dies at around 30% ? Doesn’t hold charge ? Charges slowly ? Has a lifting screen on the left hand side splitting the screen from the ...

home button repair

iPhone 7 faulty home button ?

Do you have a faulty iPhone 7 home button ? If you have an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 or 8 Plus and the home button has stopped working, either because it’s been dropped and cracked or has been damaged...

How has technology changed education?

Times have changed since I was in school. We didn’t even have calculators (okay this is an exaggeration, but you get my point). Technology has changed the way we learn in so many ways, whether this be...

Repair phones market weighton

Repair Vs. Replacing Your Technology

In today’s society, it feels like we are more likely to purchase a new phone/laptop/electronic device, rather than repairing it. Maybe it’s a convenience thing or maybe it’s because we like the ...

Phone Water Damage

Why Rice Won’t Save Your Phone Now

Time & time again I get customers coming into our store saying that their phone isn’t working. 9 times out of 10 they tell me that “I dropped my phone in water” and that “I put it in r...

About Mend My iPhone

We are a local repair business who provide fast, reliable and affordable repairs to mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

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We also operate a call out repair business - so if you need us to come to you just ask.