Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair Services

We Repair Windows and Apple Computers

Have you got a faulty computer ?

Bring your broken device to Mend My iPhone, where we have been specializing in computer repair since 2015 and we will examine your problem and make suggestions for repairs, optimizations, or upgrades! We strive to have the most reasonable prices for the best, most personal service you can get. See below for our most recent pricing information.

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Our Amazing Computer Repair

We have been working with Windows machines since the 1980's and Macbook sice the 1990's. We understand both operating systems and know how to make them run efficiently. We also understand what's under the hood and how they operate and have built them from scratch. If you have any problems we can help you.

Windows Computers

Both Laptop and Desktops

Apple Computers

MAcbooks, iMacs and MacMini's

Screen Replacement

Screen or Display Assembly Replacement if it has physical damage such as pixels failure, accidental damage or lines down the screen

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Need a Keyboard replacement. Has it just stopped working, do some keys need replacing becuase they have come off or has it had some liquid damage ?

Battery Not Holding Charge

Battery replacement required. Again, in some cases the charging IC on the logic board could be faulty, as a result, it will require a Logic Board Repair


Get the latest operating system for your PC, including all the up-to-date versions of software. Updates help keep your PC safer, by fixing bugs and allowing for automated patches in both OS and non-OS software.


Get the latest operating system for your MAC, including all the up-to-date versions of software. Updates help keep your PC safer, by fixing bugs and allowing for automated patches in both OS and non-OS software.

Virus or

Let us secure your PC from malicious spyware that can potentially be a threat to your system. With one click of a button viruses can be easily downloaded without your knowledge, but can just as easily be removed by calling!

Data Cloning and
Data Recovery

Do you have an old laptop or computer with data on you want transferring onto another computer or an external USB drive ? Have you deleted files you want recovering ? We can also recover data from some phones, SD and memory cards and most storage devices. Prices vary on work and volume of data to be recovered.

to your

Speed up your computer by adding memory if yours is low, or install another hard disk drive or solid state drive (SSD) for extra storage or speed. Full drives can be copied on to a larger or faster unit for a painless upgrade - you won't know the difference, apart from having more storage space and/or a faster computer!


Do you know, in order to keep your computer cool it’s important to remove any obstacles to air flow and check that no dust is blocking the fan, particularly in laptops, whereby airflow is restricted between the tiny compartments. We also remove and replace the thermal paste on the chip that helps aid cooling which degrades over time.

Computer Health

Having trouble with a slow computer or constant freezing? We strip and clean the PC to make sure it's free from any debris and then fully update all OS files and apps.
We charge £55

and Wifi

We will assist you with setting up wireless networks, help you to solve problems connecting to or staying connected to the Internet. And Wifi issues
We charge £45

from Device

Have you forgotten you Mac or Windows Login Password ? We can remove or bypass these so you can access your data again. This is normally a 24 hour service.
We charge £45

Computer repair near Beverley

Experiencing problems with your laptop At Mend My iPhone our technicians work tirelessly in order to make sure all laptop repairs are completed as quick as possible. When you make the call we make it simple for you, we will arrange you an appointment for you to drop by and then our main aim is to fix and repair your laptop as fast as we can. If you need your laptop repaired fast and in a professional manner then you have come to the right place. 


apple imac repairs
Our laptop repair services include:
– Laptop screen repairs
– All types of Laptop Repair
– Laptop Keyboard Repairs/replacement
– Virus Removal
– System Tune up
– Operating System re-install
– Diagnostics
– Data Recovery
– Laptop screen repairs- we can fix the screen if any of the following issues are occurring:
– Screen is cracked or shattered
– Screen has horizontal or vertical lines running through it
– Various pixels have stopped working or are creating a spotting effect of colour across the screen
– Sections of the screen are darkening or dimming, often a corner slowly spreading to the centre
– The screen is dim or black
– The screen is a bright white
– Diagnostics


Our diagnostics include a multi-point series of tests designed to pinpoint the cause of your computer failure. These tests help us determine if something else is going on that you may or may not yet be aware of. Mend My iPhone complete this service in order to identify any future problems you might encountered.

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