Repair Vs. Replacing Your Technology

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Repair Vs. Replacing Your Technology

In today’s society, it feels like we are more likely to purchase a new phone/laptop/electronic device, rather than repairing it. Maybe it’s a convenience thing or maybe it’s because we like the feeling of buying something brand new. I want to discuss why we do this and how we can help close this gap of replacing vs. repairing.

Saving Money

Money is a huge factor as to why you should repair instead of replacing. You could save a lot of money just by getting the broken part of your phone fixed rather than replacing the whole thing. Imagine if you decided to get a whole new body instead of fixing your arm if it was broken? That would be crazy. Another part to add to this is that people feel like it is quicker to buy from a company like Amazon, when in reality, you can get your phone fixed with us quicker and cheaper.

The Environment

This feels like the most obvious reason as to why you should repair your phone rather than buying a brand new one. If we can keep our phones for as long as possible we can reduce how many materials are used to produce new phones. We could really help the world if we did the simple thing of fixing a cracked screen or mending a faulty speaker.


There seems to be a generational difference between who gets their tech repaired or not. At Mend My iPhone, the number one iPad we fix is the iPad 2. It was targeted at an older generation that seem to value their tech more and understand that they can easily get it fixed. Whereas, we find that younger generations don’t realise how useful and easy repairing instead of replacing can be. So, if you’re a young person reading this, let’s mend your phone instead.


We see this so often. People coming into our store saying that Apple, EE or another retailer has told them that they either 1) cannot fix their phone or 2) need a replacement (and need to pay for said replacement). We look at these phones and quickly realise that they can be repaired fairly easily. In reality, these retailers either don’t have the knowledge to fix your phone or are just after your money! At Mend My iPhone, we pride ourselves on quick, professional and affordable repairs.

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