Samsung Battery Replacement Costs

Battery Replacement Costs for Samsung

Is your Samsung device struggling to hold a charge? Don’t let a dying battery keep you disconnected from the world. Bring it back to life with our expert battery repair services. At [Company Name], we specialize in reviving Samsung devices by offering top-notch battery repair solutions.

Firstly, our team of highly skilled technicians is trained to diagnose battery issues and provide effective solutions to extend your device’s battery life. By using only genuine Samsung parts, we ensure that your device receives the best quality repair. Whether your battery needs replacement or professional calibration, we have the expertise to get your device up and running in no time.

Moreover, why trust us with your Samsung device? With years of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Additionally, we understand the importance of your device and strive to provide quick turnaround times, affordable pricing, and warranties on all our repairs.

Furthermore, don’t let a weak battery limit your device’s functionality. Contact us today and let our experts revive your Samsung device with our reliable battery repair services. You’ll experience enhanced performance and prolonged battery life, ensuring you stay connected when it matters most.

Battery Replacement Costs of Samsung Phones

Our Benefits

We have been replacing Phone batteries for 15 years, and the same supplier for our batteries for the last 10 years.

Mend My iPhone

A common assumption by a lot of customers is that because an Samung is a sealed device you cannot change the batteries. This is untrue, with the correct tools they can be changed. We use Genuine Samsung Batteries 

All iPhone battery repair time varies due to differences in construction. but on average we allow 30 minutes to an hour for a Samsung Battery Replacement

Yes we offer a 12 month warranty on all our batteries. We have used the same battery supplier for 10 years as he back his sales to us with a warranty allowing us to pass this on to you. If they don’t last a year and perform as you’d expect we’ll replace it Free of Charge.

We prefer you to book, then we can guarantee it’ll take 10/15 minutes for most models. We generally don’t stock all Samsung batteries so we order them for next day delivery.

Once replaced your phone battery life will be back to normal and you should get another 2 – 3 years life out of your phone.

samsung replacement battery

Samsung S SeriesSamsung S Series Battery Replacement Prices

  • S24 Ultra (SM-S928) £ CALL
  • S24+ (SM-S926) £ CALL
  • S24 (SM-S921) £ CALL
  • S23 Ultra (SM-S918) £60
  • S23 + (SM-S916) £60
  • S23  (SM-S911) £ 60
  • S23 FE (SM-S711) £60
  • S22 Ultra (SM-S908) £60
  • S22 + (SM-S906) £55
  • S22  (SM-S901) £55
  • S21 Ultra (SM-S998) £55
  • S21 + (SM-S996) £55
  • S21  (SM-S991) £55
  • S21 FE (SM-S990) £55
  • S20 Ultra (SM-G988) £55
  • S20 + (SM-G985/G986) £55
  • S20  (SM-G980/G981) £55
  • S10 (SM-G973) £55
  • S10 5G (SM-G977) £55
  • S10 PLUS (SM-G975) £55
  • S10 Lite (SM-G9770) £55
  • S10 E (SM-G970) £55

Samsung A SeriesBattery Replacement Prices

  • A72 (SM-A725)   £55
  • A71 (SM-A715)   £55
  • A71 5G (SM-A716)   £55
  • A70 (SM-A705)   £55
  • A53 (SM-A536)   £55
  • A52S 5G  (SM-A528)   £55
  • A52 (SM-A525)   £55
  • A52 5G (SM-A526)   £55
  • A51 (SM-A515)   £55
  • A51 5G  (SM-A516)   £55
  • A50 (SM-A505)   £55
  • A42 5G (SM-A426)   £55
  • A41  (SM-A415)   £55
  • A40 (SMA405)   £55
  • A33 (SM-A336)   £55
  • A32 (SM-A325)   £55
  • A32 5G  (SM-A326)   £55
  • A31 (SM-A315)   £55
  • A30 (SM-A305)   £55
  • A30S (SM-A307)   £55
  • A22 (SM-A225)   £55
  • A22 5G (SM-A226)   £55
  • A21 (SM-A215)   £55
  • A21S (SM-A217)   £55
  • A20 (SM-A205)   £55
  • A20S (SM-A207)   £55
  • A20E (SM-A202)   £55
  • A12 (SM-A125)   £55
  • A10 (SM-A105)   £55
  • A10S (SM-A107)   £55
  • A03S (SM-A037)  £55
  • A02S (SM-A025)   £50
  • A02(SM-A022)   £50
  • A01 (SM-A015)   £55

Samsung Note SeriesBattery Replacement Prices

  • Note 20 (SM-N980) £ 65
  • Note 20 Ultra (SM-N985) £65
  • Note 20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986) £ 65
  • Note 10 PLUS (SM-N975) £ 60
  • Note 10 Lite (SM-N770) £ 60
  • Note10 (SM-N970) £ 60
  • Note 9 (SM-N960) £ 210
  • Note 8 (SM-N950) £ 210

The benefits of replacing a Samsung battery

Replacing the battery in an older Samsung phone can offer numerous benefits. Firstly, improved performance can be expected. Over time, batteries degrade, causing the phone to slow down. A new battery can restore its original speed.

Additionally, battery life will be extended. Older batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. Consequently, frequent recharging becomes necessary. With a new battery, the phone will last longer between charges.

Furthermore, unexpected shutdowns can be prevented. Older batteries can cause the phone to shut down randomly. This issue can be resolved with a fresh battery, ensuring reliability.

Moreover, a replacement battery is cost-effective. Buying a new phone can be expensive. Replacing the battery is a cheaper alternative, extending the phone’s lifespan without the high cost.

In addition, environmental benefits should be considered. Replacing the battery reduces electronic waste. Keeping an older phone in use is more sustainable than discarding it.

Lastly, a phone with a new battery performs better and is more reliable. Users will experience less frustration and more convenience.

In summary, replacing the battery in an older Samsung phone offers several benefits. Improved performance, extended battery life, and increased reliability are just a few. This cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution can greatly enhance user satisfaction.

Is your phone not holding it’s charge like it used to ?

Maybe your phone is dying quicker than normal ? Battery not seeming to hold it’s charge as well as it used to or it’s maybe random;y turning off and coming back on with 30% or just won;t come on at all. Likely just needs a replacement battery to have you sorted.

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