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to sell your device to us?

We pay a fair price based on current market prices. We don't keep any upto date list we check live prices on the day you contact us and we will hold the price for 2 weeks.

Mend My iPhone

We have been buying and selling iPhones for 8 years and we believe in paying a fair price. We make money so why shouldn’t you. We are likely to pay better than our local high street competitors.

You can fill out the form below and we will get back to you in around an hour during working hours, the price we offer will be based on you describing the quality of the phone accurately and will be finalised when we see the device. It is rare we alter the price unless we see damage that affects it re-sale price. This doesn’t happen very often. Almost always we pay what we have quoted.

Come in and see us – we will offer you a price. You accept. We pay you by bank transfer normally in under an hour

We pay by bank transfer – normally within an hour of you accepting our offer, then message you to confirm payment.

We don’t buy any phone that is still under contract, we don’t buy any stolen, blacklisted or phones where we believe we would be breaking the law i doing so. You must own the phone you wish to sell us and it must not be on finance.

How to Sell Your Used or Broken Device

We will buy old and some broken tech for parts. Obviously if you want to sell us a phone, tablet or computer the better the condition the more we will pay.

What devices do we buy ?

iPhones – we are now only buying iPhone 11 upwards as Apple are being quite ruthless at dropping their models off IOS support.

What does this mean ?

Currently it means that any iPhone below an iPhone X is no longer supported and therefore for the end consumer less support, less updates and features and less likely apps such as YouTube will work in the for-seeable future. We feel we need to sell technology that will be a future investment for the money they pay us – so to be fair and offer the best value for money we will no longer buy (unless faulty ) any Apple iPhone below and 11 in which case we will buy them for parts and pay accordingly. 

For any iPhone series 11 and upwards we will pay a fair market price based on what CEX pay. This is more realistic than mail-in companies like Mazuma and Music Magpie who are known for offering one price on their website and then offering less when you send it in for appraisal. We honor any offer we make for 2 weeks.

Samsung – we buy most Samsung phones from the last 2-3 years that support at least Android 13, as with iPhones what we pay is determined by the aesthetic quality of the screen, frame and rear case. Samsung have a very poor resale value with heavily scratched or cracked screens and we will unlikely buy them with heavily marked screens as our customer base will not buy them from us and due to the high cost of Samsung screen parts – refurbing the phones is rarely an option.  But wil will buy them for parts.

Computers – we will buy them if they support Windows 10 and above. Casing/Keyboard and Screen condition will determine the price.

Tablets – we will buy any iPads and Samsung Tablets operating on the current iOS – we no longer buy any iPad that is on an unsupported iOS. If you are unsure you can alwasy ring us and we will tell you which we buy.

iPhones MUST be iCloud Free to get a good price.

Samsung Devices must have no Google Account on them tho we will buy them and reduce the price we offer by £35 to remove the account – which we pay to have removed

Recycle Used Devices & Computers

We are trained to help you get the most life out of your digital device, but if it’s ready to go to greener
pastures, you can trust us to recycle it for you.

There is no guarantee that the e-waste will be processed responsibly once it has passed downstream. Tracing what happens to it after it has been trucked to a processing center is not the easiest undertaking. Our certification is a critical part of how we ensure we are living our mission – for our partners, our consumers, and our environment. Products we recycle:

If you want a quote to sell us a device please fill out the form and we will respond as fast as we can. Normally within an hour during our working hours. You can then decide if you are happy to sell it to us.

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