How to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone or iPad


I’d like to say it’s possible, but the online companies advertising it are operating a clever deception. I want to warn you in this article of the methods they are using and why you should avoid these websites; and a specific company.

The background :

I have a number of Clean (not lost, not stolen and iCloud locked devices) and decided to see if I could have them unlocked. I chose to use one of the highest ranking Google searched sites with a professional looking website, I researched them first and found they had pretty much a 50/50 split of good and bad reviews on TrustPilot. I’ve also discovered since they have a number of other websites with poor reviews here and here and here that are all linked. And one link in particular is very very clever and I’ve worked out how it fools you. I’ll tell you more about that later.

There are a number of website’s operating, in my opinion fraudulently, and I want to raise awareness of it by hoping this article will be used as a massive red flag and ideally re-shared and used to warn of very dubious practices being used to dupe people into parting with money, in this case £35.99 a time, with no intention of carrying out the service. Effectively stealing from you. They are

they are operated by

Tech Online Solutions

272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 4JR

I’m sure there are others but I can’t be bothered to dig any deeper.

This is all conjecture but I believe it to be true as I operate in Phone repair business and don’t like companies in my industry that don’t look after their customers and it’s rife. Sadly.

This is how my dealings with went:

First of all i read their terms and conditions and made sure that before I started the iPad satisfied the requirements so it didn’t get rejected. I use a company called who i’ve been working with for 8 years or so. They do my unlocks and are a big player in the unlocking world. I trust them and have recommended them to a lot of my colleagues. I did a Lost and Found Check and a Blacklist check to be certain. Here are the results. It has FIND MY IPHONE on which means it’s iCould locked What i wanted removing). It shows also that the iCloud is CLEAN and it’s not blacklisted.

I then processed my unlock at and waited my three days for it to be processed. As I had suspected it came back rejected.

I also got an email stating the following :

What I wasn’t expecting, and this is where it gets way more suspicious, is that in their rejection email they gave me a link to a website to prove that their claim was true. They said other websites were available but obviously led me to this one. One they own and operate

I followed the link to and whoa ! apparently my device is REPORTED AS LOST OR STOLEN.

that’s according to them. So I did a check on a number of other FREE iCloud status websites. Ones they didn’t recommend to me.

Here are the results of theirs

All came back clean. I also went back to my own trusted source and did another check. It came back clean. What i imagine is happening is

is operated by the same company and they are manipulating the database by putting the rejected numbers into their database and deliberately leading you to believe it’s true. It’s not.

I have emailed them to tell them I am reporting their practices to both Trading Standards and Action Fraud as I am utterly convinced they are conning people. I gave them the opportunity to refund me and they have at the time of writing refused.

Stay clear of iCloud unlocking services, as a business I set up to help people, especially innocent people who have forgotten their iCloud or for some legitimate reason have a device that Apple themselves will commonly not help with i have been trying to find my own solution to this for about 8 years. But it seems all i find is companies like this using people’s desperation to solve a problem and taking them for a ride.


If you have any experience of these companies and want to comment or have anything added to this blog post please email me at [email protected].

If you happen to run this company and want to put your side of the story you can contact me at the same address. i’d be happy to take this post down if you can prove that anything I’m saying isn’t true. You also know I am actually a customer of your’s from the info in this post, so you can’t debunk me – I have a receipt for my purchase.

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