how much will it cost to repair my samsung phone screen

Is it worth repairing a Samsung Screen ?

Fixing the issue with your Samsung device’s screen and getting a new screen installed is one of the best things you can count on. It is a far better option than buying a new phone. A new phone, of any brand, can cost you a lot, half of which can be required to just replace the screen and make your old phone look new. We often get customers saying “I might as well buy a new phone”. Of course when faced with the £360 price tag of a repair on a Samsung S23 Ultra that seems a reasonable thing to say, but if you actually want to buy one of these they are still £755 at CEX secondhand.

What you need to consider before repairing a Samsung screen

Of course it will depend on what you originally paid for the phone and your budget at the time. We think most of the time repair is better than replacing especially as most customers have precious data on the phone that generally never seems to be backed up, or at least the customer doesn’t actually know a/ if it’s backed up at all b/when and if it was backed up and c/even if they know the password for their Google account where the data backs up so it seems to be impossible for them to check if anything is backed up. And in this case it’s the cheaper option unless data isn’t important.

If you have a working Android device now would be a good time to look in settings under accounts and make sure you know the password to your Google account and also in settings under backups to see what the phone backs up for you and when it was last backed up.


Is your phone not holding it’s charge like it used to ?

Maybe your phone is dying quicker than normal ? Battery not seeming to hold it’s charge as well as it used to or it’s maybe random;y turning off and coming back on with 30% or just won;t come on at all. Likely just needs a replacement battery to have you sorted. You can see our Samsung battery replacement price list here 

Samsung S SeriesScreen Repair Prices

  • S24 Ultra (SM-S928) £ CALL
  • S24+ (SM-S926) £ CALL
  • S24 (SM-S921) £ CALL
  • S23 Ultra (SM-S918) £360.00
  • S23 + (SM-S916) £ 210
  • S23  (SM-S911) £ 200
  • S23 FE (SM-S711) £200
  • S22 Ultra (SM-S908) £275
  • S22 + (SM-S906) £200
  • S22  (SM-S901) £195
  • S21 Ultra (SM-S998) £255
  • S21 + (SM-S996) £200
  • S21  (SM-S991) £165
  • S21 FE (SM-S990) £165
  • S20 Ultra (SM-G988) £230
  • S20 + (SM-G985/G986) £235
  • S20  (SM-G980/G981) £215
  • S10 (SM-G973) £195
  • S10 5G (SM-G977) £225
  • S10 PLUS (SM-G975) £225
  • S10 Lite (SM-G9770) £185
  • S10 E (SM-G970) £165


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